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Brendan Fevola steps down

BRENDAN Fevola resigned as Ovens and Murray coach after its loss to the Peninsula league on Saturday.

Boost for rural students

language expert

MORE rural students will qualify for Federal Government support after changes were made to means testing.

Battle on for China market

pactum dairy

THE Chinese dairy industry is being sacrificed by the country signing a free-trade agreement with Australia.

Country needs a champ

NEWS Rural Press Club Lunch

IF VICTORIAN Nationals leader Peter Walsh had his way, his party would still be called the Country Party.

Hazelwood inquiry reopened

Hazelwood inquiry reopened

THE Hazelwood Mine Fire Inquiry has been reopened by the Victorian Government.

Wild dog baiting ditched

Wild dog baiting ditched

THERE will be no aerial baits for wild dogs dropped in Victoria this autumn.

SPC enjoys the cup of kindness

Daniel Andrews at SPC Ardmona.

“THE FUTURE is in snack packs, rather than the old steel can,” said Gary Godwill, deputy chairman of Fruit Growers Victoria.

Buchan over life without a pub

Buchan over life without a pub

THE small east Gippsland town of Buchan is so thirsty it might just build a pub.

Turning the country Green

Greens senator Richard di Natale on his farm at Deans Marsh.

THE Australian Greens’ new leader, Richard Di Natale, knows regional life first-hand.

Shear rudeness against sheep

STUD Sheep Pendara White Suffolk

NSW farmer Ken Turner didn’t know you could offend sheep with rude words. Until he heard a knock on the door.

Danger rising of a killer drought

Australian outback. Tree. Clouds. Landscape. Drought.

AUSTRALIA faces a repeat of the severe 1982 drought that created the conditions for the Ash Wednesday bushfires.

At the cutting edge

COLIN McKenna has risen from shearing to running a meat-processing empire. He explains his thoughts on agriculture in DecisionAg free in The Weekly Times this week.

Claas CVT makes Aussie debut

AUSTRALIA is about to get its first shipment of Arion tractors featuring the new Claas-developed CVT.

Simpkin steals victory

NO matter the stage, Vic Country relishes any chance to show up its metropolitan brothers with a Sherrin.

Last laugh in Kelly’s vault

WAS Ned Kelly the quintessential Australian Robin Hood, a larrikin who ended up on the wrong side of the law, or a thug?

The greatest league of all

GEELONG Football League faces another rematch in the Worksafe Country Championships next year.

Vic Nationals need new agenda

Ag Minister Peter Walsh - PRCV

“DO YOU really have to go to that? The Nationals are pretty irrelevant at the moment.”

China an opportunity for farmers

Weekly Times. Staff. Ed Gannon.

SORRY America, but China is now the land of opportunity. For our farmers, that is.

Crime stats shock Kalpienung

Pic job

KALPIENUNG residents were shocked to receive attention in a major metropolitan newspaper last week.

Rain totals Rain falls in ‘dribs and drabs’

Rain falls in ‘dribs and drabs’

IT HAS been called a “dribs and drabs” rain but most Victorian grain growers are now well into their sowing programs.

Put us on the weather radar

 NEWS Charles Darwin Reserve, near Wubin in the wheatbelt, has released 10 year report Pic shows weather station Story Kaitly...

WARRACKNABEAL wants to be on the weather map.

Editor's Choice

Trout cod Cod forsaken species is back

 A unique photo of a Murray cod alongside a trout cod. Can you tell the difference? The top fish is a Murray cod and the bott...

TROUT cod could soon be back on the menu after an absence of 40 years.

Labour rip-off condemned

Overseas Workers

FARMERS have condemned fresh allegations of foreign worker exploitation in major horticultural enterprises.

Cook Book Promo

Challenger E Series Launch

AGCO Corp has shared this video of the Challenger E Series Launch with us.


Food not gas protest

Western District residents got together to protest unconventional gas mining in their community.


China lifts Brazil beef ban

 $10m for Port Keats Rd & Daly River crossing upgrade >>>> the Berrimah feedlot line. ( Cattle, cow,...

CHINA has lifted its ban on Brazilian beef, but it shouldn’t affect Australia’s market to China.

Cattle ear tag price falls


THE cost of cattle eartags has plummeted in Victoria.

Leasing farms a popular option

Sowing April 30 central victoria

MANY Victorian farmers are choosing to lease their properties as a strategy to stay on their farms.

Coolana, May 22: $5250 top

Coolana female sale.

COOLANA Angus’ female cattle sale was met with lukewarm demand today.

Myrtleford, May 22: Breeders $1880

myrtleford cattle sale

COWS and calves sold to $1880 at Myrtleford today as producers stepped up bidding for breeders.

Wodonga, May 21: $1130 top

Wodonga store cattle sale

HEAVY steers sold to a top of $1130, returning more than 300c/kg liveweight at today’s Wodonga store cattle sale.

Claas CVT makes Aussie debut

Claas CVT makes Aussie debut

AUSTRALIA is about to get its first shipment of Arion tractors featuring the new Claas-developed CVT.

Spend now for tax break: TMA

Richard Lewis - FARM Magazine

ANYONE looking to buy machinery this week will find some good deals for $20,000.

Lives lost too costly to ignore

Richard Lewis - FARM Magazine

ONCE again the agricultural industry is in the spotlight for the wrong reason after three Victorian farm fatalities.

The greatest league of all

GEELONG Football League faces another rematch in the Worksafe Country Championships next year.

Weekly Times Horse news

Millewa triple-header

 Nangiloc's Scott Golding juggles the ball under pressure. Cardross 22.11-143 vs Nangiloc 14.11-95.

ONE competition not taking part in interleague matches this weekend has taken the chance to go completely outside the box.

AFL Victoria Country Champs

AFL Victoria Country Champs

UPDATES on the interleague teams ahead of the Worksafe Country Championships on May 23.

Brown on hand for Hampden

Jonathan Brown

THE Hampden interleague squad received some expert advice from one the AFL’s all-time greats.

Program must go further

Program must go further

AFTER 18 months in government, the federal Coalition is paying for the promises it made in opposition.

Country needs a champ

NEWS Rural Press Club Lunch

IF VICTORIAN Nationals leader Peter Walsh had his way, his party would still be called the Country Party.

The white way

Hay NSW Cotton

FARMING the western Riverina is immortalised in Australian folklore.

Wyche welcomes Wig’s snags

WHILE towns across the nation feel the pinch of a decline in services, Wycheproof is cooking up its own storm.

Weekly Times Travel News

My favourite things

My favourite things

I’M OFTEN asked if I have any particular favourite plants.

It’s time to get busy in the garden

 Cherry Blossom 'kwanzan'

AS MOST plants start to drift into winter dormancy, the number of garden jobs to be carried out increases.

Give soil a green feed

Give soil a green feed

THERE’S nothing like the contents of half-used seed packets for a green manure crop. Your plants will reward you.

Persimmon perfection


THE persimmon is definitely one of the more esoteric finds in the stores and farmers’ markets at this time of the year.

Spinach and cheese squares

 Cafe Morucci at broadway. A spinach and ricotta quiche in a napolli sauce. 16/1/01. Picture: john Appleyard

WITH eight ingredients and just six steps, readers can have themselves a healthy and tasty snack.

Rabbit, so versatile

Jeremy Vincent - Food for CL

DESPITE what some critics say, domestic rabbit meat does not taste gamey or wild.

A Deere little mailbox

NO PRIZES for guessing which tractor brand the owner of this letter box favours.

Weekly Times Back Paddock

Novel idea for a tree guard

Novel idea for a tree guard

HERE’s a good reason not to throw out those rolls of used barbed wire.

The colours of money

The colours of money

IF ONE believes in omens this isn’t a bad one for beef producers.

The best man for grooming

Hereford National Sale

ALL together now — Awwwww. Isn’t it great to see the future primary producers getting stuck in.

Surreal New Orleans

 JULY, 2005 : Bourbon Street in the French Quarter of New Orleans, USA, 07/05. Travel

UNREAL experiences await visitors to New Orleans, writes ROSLYN LANIGAN

Sweet treats by bus


THOUGHTS of auditioning for cooking shows are dashed as I watch holes appear in my strudel pastry in Budapest.

Whale of a time

TRAVEL: Broome, Western Australia.

WEEKLY Times photographer ZOE PHILLIPS discovers the beauty of the North-West

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