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In-milk winner world class

THE supreme senior exhibit at the Victorian Winter Fair would be competitive in other global show rings.

Paper off the rails

Paper off the rails

THE Federal Government’s new vision for the nation’s farmers promises new projects to boost farm profits.

Akubra sheds Aussie rabbit skin

Supplied Editorial Akubra

AUSTRALIA’s iconic Akubra brand will ditch its Australian rabbit skin suppliers from next month.

Recoil on gun-law change

Recoil on gun-law change

VICTORIA’S hunting community met in a show of strength at Parliament House in Melbourne.

One-cop stations left empty

TSV Generic Emergency Services

SINGLE officer police stations across Victoria have been left empty because of an anti-terrorism policy.

$A could hit US70c

$A could hit US70c

A FALTERING Chinese economy could mean the Australian dollar could go below US70c.

Loan paid bonuses, court told

Grain Harvest

LGL Commodities’ directors paid themselves bonuses soon after they secured a $1.5m loan, court has been told.

Harvard harmed burial sites

Flags at Parliament House

US university Harvard dug up Aboriginal burial sites on a Riverina property, according to the NSW Government.

Wild dog cash out

 Victorian High Country. A dead wild dog on a sign post near Benambra.

MORE than $200,000 was paid to farmers and hunters under the Victorian wild dog bounty scheme.

No volunteers in Fiskville inquiry

CFA Fiskville cancer story. Main entrance sign with 'Hazchem' warning.

EXCLUSIVE: CFA volunteers who trained at Fiskville between 1971 and 1999 were excluded from a health study.

Cattle ‘dearer by the day’

Weaner Sales at Kyneton Saleyards

ANOTHER big leap in store and prime cattle prices has industry players shaking their heads in disbelief.

MG shares on the rise


MORE than 8 per cent of Murray Goulburn’s shares were traded in its first two days on the ASX.

Vic Country ready to roar

THE final 22 players who will represent Victoria Country No. 1 will be decided tonight.

Friends cheer back-to-back win

THE joint owners of the Victorian Winter Fair junior ­supreme exhibit will find out if their investment has paid off.

Braemar top team in schools

WHAT began 20 years ago as a fun competition for school kids, is now one of the biggest events in Australia.

Alpacas still special after 25 years

THE Australian alpaca industry has built up to become one of the most progressive in its short 25-year history.

Junior handlers show off at Bendigo

THERE are so many things about showing cows that April Wishart enjoys that it’s hard for her to pick one.

A day when no one spoke up

Duck hunting season opening 2015

IT was an orgy of killing, one of the worst wildlife massacres Victoria had ever known.

Shearers as sportsmen, why not?


SHEARING as a national sport? Well if frisbee throwing and ferret legging can be called a sport, why not?

Finally a plan, now for action

Harvest pics grain

WHEN the Agriculture White Paper was proposed in 2013, it was to provide a “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity.

The Duckman: Duck game balanced on a blade

The Duckman: Duck game balanced on a blade

WHEN you are short on grass but long on words, it might be time to hit the books.

Vet your skills

Vet your skills

WHEN the livestock doctor’s away, it pays to be competent in basic animal health care.

Editor's Choice

Gun flap half-cocked

 13/02/2003. Bob Pendergast, shooting his Benambra cattle injured in the Gippsland bushfires. He blames the ban on back burni...

THE recent hysteria about lever-action firearms and the apparent push to re-examine current legislation is unjustified.

Wild price ride

LIVESTOCK: Euroa Cattle Sale

AUSTRALIA’S farmers are on a price roller-coaster as volatility hits all commodities.


SFS Seeder Demonstration Day

About 200 people gathered at Southern Farming Systems' trial site at Inverleigh to see the latest seeding technology in action.


Terry O'Connor, National sled dog championships

Ride along with Terry O'Connor and his Huskies Mia and Kodi as they train for the national championships in Shepparton.


Cows in ‘wow’ zone

Chopper dairy cows, Camperdown

STRONG cow prices will be here to stay as offerings have only one way to go and that’s down.

Surging volumes hit prices

1PP wool bale, superfine fleece

BUYERS forced prices to back off as big offerings overwhelmed the wool market again last week.

Supersized US beef exports

Supersized US beef exports

AUSTRALIA has already exported more than half of its beef quota to the US this year.

Latest livestock sales

Pakenham store cattle sale

THIS week’s dairy and cattle sale dates.

Wodonga, July 2: Prices boom

wodonga cattle sale

A BIGGER than expected offering of 2600 cattle did nothing to stop the store sale juggernaut at Wodonga today.

Pakenham, July 2: Numbers jump

Pakenham, July 2: Numbers jump

HEAVY steers made to $1660, or more than 300c/kg, at the Pakenham store cattle sale today.

Hi-tech seeder’s savings promise

Hi-tech seeder’s savings promise

NEW seeding overlap control technology is now available on ­Morris 9 Series air carts.

Weigh cells enhance big bins

Weigh cells enhance big bins

KERANG-based field bin engineer Dunstan has added a 150-tonne mother bin to its range.

Burder reduces baling burden

Burder reduces baling burden

TRAILING-arm suspension and a tougher chain mechanism are features of new bale feeders from Burder Ag.

Clubs prepare for drug testing

WARNING and education are needed before drug testing is introduced in community football, figures say.

Weekly Times Horse news

Vic Country ready to roar

Vic Country team training at Waverley Park

THE final 22 players who will represent Victoria Country No. 1 will be decided tonight.

Braemar top team in schools

Braemar top team in schools

WHAT began 20 years ago as a fun competition for school kids, is now one of the biggest events in Australia.

Grieving Finch does it for Phil


PHIL Walsh’s grief-stricken nephew inspired Modewarre to an emotional win at the weekend.

Ag policy falls short of the hype

Barnaby Joyce

AGRICULTURE is quite right to be underwhelmed with the Federal Government’s future vision for farming.

Paper off the rails

Paper off the rails

THE Federal Government’s new vision for the nation’s farmers promises new projects to boost farm profits.

Boisdale Best spreads its vegie might

Supplied Editorial Fwd: Email 2 of 3; Rob Harvey, Boisdale Best Gippsland, Farm Images

WHEN he was about 10, Rob Harvey would pedal his bike up to 20km a day, pulling trailer load of beans to sell.

Maremma the movie

THE two Maremma dogs bound around the grassy enclosure, barking at thin air.

Weekly Times Travel News

Enjoy a berry bounty

Enjoy a berry bounty

A NEGLECTED, tangled raspberry patch can look a bit intimidating at this time of the year.

Blooms warm the soul

Blooms warm the soul

I ONCE had a highly embarrassing experience in Whitby in Britain and it served me right.

From little things ...

From little things ...

MANY decades ago, I was asked to landscape a primary school’s grounds on the outskirts of a big city.

Dip into biscuits

COUNTRY LIVING: Food Shoot with Jeremy Vincent

THE smell of homemade biscuits in the oven and that ‘just-baked’ finish is a winner every time.

A fraîche, tasty snack

COUNTRY LIVING: Food Shoot with Jeremy Vincent

CRÈME fraîche, while once a novel and trendy dairy ingredient, has now settled into mainstream cooking.

Let onions be the star

Jeremy Vincent - Food for CL

THE common brown onion is a feature of much of our cooking.

Nope, nothing to see here ...

“PHEW, lucky there’s none of those terrifying owl bird scarers around here.”

Weekly Times Back Paddock

Australians know a good letterbox


It’s not unusual to find bulls on hay plains or tractors at Inverell but microwaves in paddocks at Yass? That’s what’s happening in the bush where farmers turned mailboxes into quirky pieces of art.

A day of moos and rainbow hues

A day of moos and rainbow hues

RAINBOWS were everywhere on social media last week — not because of rain, but to support gay rights.

Barnaby’s map’s as clear as mud

Barnaby’s map’s as clear as mud

LOOKS like Barnaby Joyce prefers good old mud maps to Google Maps when it comes to directing people.

Clear as crystal

Supplied Editorial Fwd: Crystal Castle

WHEN Naren King opened his property more than three decades ago, he didn’t know what to call it.

Foray into China’s past

Foray into China’s past

I KNOW it’s a long shot, but if you are ever in central China, might I suggest a visit to the desert?

Bewitching outback

Bewitching outback

THEY are names rusted on to folklore as authentic signposts to inland Australia — Mildura, Burra, Clare, even that mountain of gold, Ballarat.

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