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Paradise Down Under

SWEDE Maja Weiland found Paradise when she moved to Australia. A farm at Paradise, that is.

Young cattle prices soar

Wodonga Cattle Sale. Last Sale Dairy Week, Schultz Sisters. Terang

UPDATE: YOUNG cattle have sold for record prices yet again.

Milk shake-up after UDP collapse

DAIRY: GM Ryegrass Scott Wightman organic dairy farmer.

MILLIONS of litres of milk are flowing between processors in a flurry of activity in the Australian dairy industry.

Mutton narrows price gap on lamb

31/12/2007 NEWS: Casterton annual sheep and lamb sale. Mutton sold for 180-200c/kg carcase weight. these 304 5.5-year-old Dec...

SHEEP producers are reaping the benefits of high prices for one of the industry’s byproducts.

Crackdown on tobacco industry

Crackdown on tobacco industry

FARMERS who lease properties that are used for growing black-market tobacco crops face jail and heavy fines.

Plea for more dog trappers


DESPERATION has forced farmers to take extreme measures to protect stock from wild dogs.

ADFG talks to Vic sellers

DAIRY: Stock Exchange Dairy

ANOTHER corporate dairy farm business is in talks to buy property from southwest Victorian farmers.

Ag-gag exposes industry divide

Ag-gag exposes industry divide

VICTORIA’S peak legal body says new laws targeting animal activists would discourage exposure of animal cruelty.

RSPCA again under fire

Port of Townsville

THE RSPCA’S role as an objective arbiter of animal welfare is under question.

Chicken import dump fear

Wagners Poultry Farm

CHICKEN meat growers have urged federal parliament to help Australian foods compete with foreign imports.

United on trade plea

Tasmanian Beef Producer of the Year Award

FARMING groups have mob­ilised to ensure agricultural trade barriers are removed in a 12-nation trade deal.

NDP move secures milk

FRIDAY afternoon at 4pm Chris Vogels decided to sign his milk across to new industry player National Dairy Products.

Smoke on the water

THE rice industry is defending its move to burn stubbles after this year’s harvest.

Mutton leads big rises

THE surging mutton market should drive up store sheep values.

Irrigation to boost dairy farming

DON Stewart has a vision for irrigation on dairy farms.

Seymour v Euroa

Goulburn Valley FL, Round 3, Seymour Lions V Euroa Magpies at Seymour.


Stirrings at heart of dairy

DAIRY: GM Ryegrass Scott Wightman organic dairy farmer.

IF YOU thought the past week was big for the dairy industry, brace yourself; there’s a lot more to come.

Rail leads Budget priority list

 New Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) president Peter Tuohey on his farm in Mitiamo.

AS WE approach another Victorian Budget, all eyes are on Premier Daniel Andrews to see “what’s in it for agriculture?”.

MG ready to test new strategy

 Philip Tracy

MURRAY Goulburn is in the home stretch of a journey to decide the co-operative’s future direction.

Teasing rain Dry west hoping for more rain

Dry west hoping for more rain

UPDATE: WESTERN Victorian farmers hope their autumn break to the season is finally on the way.

Weather warning Storms forecast for Queensland


AN EAST coast low, similar to what smashed parts of NSW last week, is likely to form off southeast Queensland this week.

Editor's Choice

Farmers take on PETA

Farmers take on PETA

FARMERS have taken action against PETA’s “grotesque and grossly misleading” campaign against Australia’s wool industry.

Growing industry Roo meat jumping in popularity

 23.12.2014.Kangaroo harvesting for meat consumption. Heath Tippet - professional shooter for Macro meats at a property North...

KANGAROO meat continues to increase in popularity. Meet one of the men putting roo on your plate.


Challenger E Series Launch

AGCO Corp has shared this video of the Challenger E Series Launch with us.


Coolana bull sale

The action at the Coolana bull sale on March 5.


Prices hit and mince

Chopper dairy cows, Camperdown

THE United State’s hunger for grinding beef and drought conditions in Australia have boosted chopper cow prices.

Mutton narrows price gap on lamb

31/12/2007 NEWS: Casterton annual sheep and lamb sale. Mutton sold for 180-200c/kg carcase weight. these 304 5.5-year-old Dec...

SHEEP producers are reaping the benefits of high prices for one of the industry’s byproducts.

Senate to weigh up yards issue

 NewsBCM08-06-2004 Over 5000 head of cattle for sale at the Roma Cattle Saleyards. These beasts heading of weighing ans trans...

THE weighing of stock at sales should be uniform across the industry, says Ruralco’s Robert Bolton.

Latest livestock sales

Shepparton Dairy Sale

THIS week’s cattle, sheep and dairy sale dates.

Warrnambool, Apr 24: Prices lift

Hamilton weaner calf sales 2015

RAIN in NSW last weekend buoyed the store cattle market in Warrnambool today.

Sprys, April 24: $30,000 top

Sprys, April 24: $30,000 top

UPDATE: SHORTHORN bulls sold to $20,000 and Angus bulls made to $30,000 at the Sprys sale today.

Spreader can be towed by ATV


FOR those smaller fertilising jobs, a spreader that can be towed behind an ATV is just the ticket.

Brothers are wired for success

Brothers are wired for success

BRAD Elliot was fed up with strapping reels of electric fencing wire to his quad bike, only to lose them.

Working the land with haste

Working the land with haste

NEW Amazone Cirrus 03 offset discs/drill combinations enable one-pass cultivation at up to 18km/h.

No room for high contact

BIRREGURRA playing coach Ben Boseley says clubs and leagues must take a stand on illegal high contact in football.

Weekly Times Horse news

Clubs and coaches go separate ways

Clubs and coaches go separate ways

GIPPSLAND club Morwell and the Geelong and District’s Corio have parted company with senior coaches.

Thorpdale snaps Trafalgar hoodoo

Thorpdale snaps Trafalgar hoodoo

THORPDALE snapped an 18-year hoodoo on Anzac Day by beating Trafalgar for the first time since Round 1, 1998.

Greyhound trainer granted bail

Greyhounds at Sandown - Melbourne Cup trials. Race 7. Malfoy comes from behind for an emphatic victory. This is a generic sho...

A HIGH-PROFILE greyhound trainer has been granted bail in a Brisbane court.

Doors open for Aussie beef

 Weekly Times. Staff. Ed Gannon.

KNOW anyone in Texas? You know, the US state that is bigger and better than anywhere else on Earth.

Farmer health centre secured

Jaala Pulford, State Agriculture and Regional Development Minister

THE future of the National Centre for Farmer Health has been secured with $4m allocated in next Tuesday’s state budget.

In a league of his own

Oak Valley

PADDOCK to plate is a term bandied around by chefs and foodies to suggest low food miles and traceability.

Champion of the birds

SARAH HUDSON discovers Don Ripper’s plans to preserve natural history using an island observatory.

Weekly Times Travel News

The tough get growing

The tough get growing

WE CAN plant Australian trees and shrubs at any time of the year, but autumn is the best time of all.

A good time to move

Moving plants

TIMING is crucial when it comes to the successful transplanting of trees shrubs and roses.

Bonfire with benefits

Sprinkling wood ash around cabbages

WHEN the end of fire restrictions was announced recently, I confess to a feeling of childish excitement.

Shortbread a longtime favourite

Country Living FOOD PAGE

AS LONG as you have butter, sugar, flour and salt, you can make one of the most beloved, classic biscuits.

Chocolate brownies

Chocolate brownies

BROWNIES are a decadent treat, ideal for bringing along to a dinner party or morning tea.

Fried haloumi

 DT FOODHOLD...28/5/03...Neil Perry, Holoumi Bread Salad, pan fry Haloumi.........Pic Jim Trifyllis.....

TRY this recipe for fried haloumi.

Raunchy hay bales cause a stir

THE world has gone bonkers over the bonking bales.

Weekly Times Back Paddock

Hay bale sculpture the last straw

Hay bale sculpture the last straw

UPDATE: THE farmer ordered to remove a hay bale sculpture depicting a bull serving a cow says he has received massive public support.

Don the drive-away sheepdog

Don the drive-away sheepdog

IT seems Scottish sheep farmers hold particularly high expectations for their working dogs.

Laughing gear: Physics save lives?

Laughing gear: Physics save lives?

THE new medical students were made to take a difficult class in physics.

Rooms with views

Rooms with views

JUST as we are about to start a feast at Canberra’s new Jamala Lodge, several unexpected guests drop by.

Croatia via private sail

Sail Croatia

THE blue waters of the Adriatic Sea look inviting as we set sail along Croatia’s pretty Dalmatian coast.

Sale at an easy pace

VIC Australia Day

IT’S A town many simply drive through but stop and you’ll find some gems in Sale’s rich history.

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