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Better for autumn calving

ASK Ross Francis why he keeps a low bulk milk cell count and he offers a simple answer.

Foxes face air attack

Foxes face air attack

AUSTRALIA’S feral rabbits and foxes may soon be under stealth attack from the sky.

Gun rally plans forge ahead

Aust Prime Minister John Howard having his back to the camera showing bulge of suspected bullet proof vest under his jacket w...

UPDATE: A PRO-gun rally is still being organised for Melbourne.

Fishermen want laws to go further

Gippsland trip

LAKES Entrance Fishermen’s Co-op’s Dale Sumner says country-of-origin labelling laws don’t go far enough.

Trainees miss out again

Fiskville Findings Released

VOLUNTEER trainees who went through the CFA’s Fiskville college are not eligible to register for a health program.

Feed definition fiasco

Jo Stritch and her husband Andrew from Happy Valley Free Range Farm, who farm pork on Human Choice guidelines.

A SHOCK change to Victoria’s planning laws means thousands of farmers may need a permit to keep operating.

Bishop stands down as Speaker

Bronwyn Bishop

TONY Abbott announced a review of parliamentary entitlements as Bronwyn Bishop announced her resignation.

RGA chief resigns

Rice harvest pics

THE head of the peak rice grower’s body has resigned, after a controversial media statement about the Murray Darling Basin plan implementation.

Nats divided on TPP

 16 Aug 2000 D/I Sugarcane harvesting near Edmonton in far north Qld. picAnna/Rogers farming crop industry machinery

NATIONALS MPs in Victoria, NSW and Queensland are divided when it comes to the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Vic’s new minister appointed

 Philip Dalidakis is the chief executive of the Victorian Association of Forest Industries.

UPDATE: PHILIP Dalidakis has been named Victoria’s new Minister for Small Business, Innovation and Trade.

Prices skyrocket

LIVESTOCK: Welcome Swallow Dispersal

CATTLE prices just keep on rising.

Attacks on FTA risk relations


RIO Tinto’s iron ore boss has warned an anti-China FTA campaign could damage Australia’s standing on the global stage.

Horse frames new career

CUTBACKS in regional media are biting so hard that horses are being employed as camera guys.

Numbing lamb numbers

COMMENT: THE lamb industry has been racking up some impressive figures.

Finest of French flair

THERE was a time when Patrice Repellin worked in the world’s best restaurants and served Michael Jackson.

Ouyen back on winners’ list

THERE could hardly have been a bigger stage for Brad Vallance to deliver Ouyen United a win.

Cutting through fear and apathy

IT’S likely to be standing room only when climate expert Dale Grey does his talks at the field days this year.

Planning laws need overhaul

Planning laws need overhaul

THE Victorian Government needs to provide clarity on its farm planning laws.

Marriage equality Bill offers hope

 Andrew Beaton and his wife Juddie, left, with Landmark agent Andrew Harrison paid 219 c/kg or $742 a head for Ballaarook's 8...

RECENTLY our son, Lachie, posted a video online about his realisation of being gay.

A fresh take on the GST

Wimmera Mallee season

IN ANY discussion about governments requiring more revenue, the conversation immediately jumps to the GST.

White hot at Bendigo

Dean Cameron

DEAN and Mandy Cameron names with Western District White Suffolk stud Noremac - it’s their surname backwards.

The Duckman: Balanced on blade

The Duckman: Balanced on blade

WHEN you are short on grass but long on words, it might be time to hit the books.

Editor's Choice

Same-sex marriage plea

Same-sex marriage plea

COUNTRY MPs are being urged to lead the push for same-sex marriage.

Sledding is such a howl

Supplied Editorial

ACROSS the snow-capped summit of Mt Baw Baw comes the evocative, eerie howling of Huskies.


Special delivery

A light plane dropped chips to fans at the Worksafe Game of the Month on Sunday in the Mid Gippsland Football League match between Thorpdale and Mirboo North.


SFS Seeder Demonstration Day

About 200 people gathered at Southern Farming Systems' trial site at Inverleigh to see the latest seeding technology in action.


Numbing lamb numbers

Bendigo Prime Lamb Sale

COMMENT: THE lamb industry has been racking up some impressive figures.

Grain companies exempt at Kembla

 MARCH 13, 2000 : Prima II berthed at Port Kembla dock 13/03/00 as record wheat harvest is placed aboard in preparation for i...

UPDATE: GRAINCORP’s terminal at Port Kembla may soon be exempt from part of the mandatory wheat code.

Fight to keep Tassie wine pure

 Close up view of red and white wine in two wineglasses

TASMANIA’S wine producers want to prevent interstate companies cashing in on the state’s reputation.

Warrnambool, July 31: Hot prices

Warrnambool store cattle sale 31.7.15

THE weather might have been cold but prices were certainly hot at the Warrnambool store cattle sale today.

Latest livestock sales

Wodonga store cattle sale

THIS week’s cattle and dairy sale dates.

Koonwarra, July 27: Locals dominate

Dispersal Sale Town-View Holsteins and Springview Jerseys

GIPPSLAND buyers pushed prices to more than $5000 three times at a dispersal at Koonwarra.

New Holland lifts its game

New Holland lifts its game

NEW Holland’s LM range of telehandlers offers models capable of working with weights from 2500kg to 4200kg.

Touring seeders are up to Speed

Touring seeders are up to Speed

FIELD days visitors could meet the developer of two new minimum-till air seeders just released in Australia.

A Claas show at field days

Elmore Field Days 2014 Wednesday

CLAAS Harvest Centre will showcase its spreading, spraying and tractor technology at the Mallee Field Days.

Racing dogs in danger

UP TO 300 Greyhounds could be euthanised if a racing club fails to come up with nearly $200,000.

Weekly Times Horse news

Ouyen back on winners’ list

Ouyen back on winners’ list

THERE could hardly have been a bigger stage for Brad Vallance to deliver Ouyen United a win.

CHFL split doesn’t get support

Weekly Times Football

CARNGHAM-Linton club president Sam Richardson said Clunes played a major role in the Saints resubmitting a proposal to split the league.

Woorinen club destroyed by fire

Woorinen club destroyed by fire

FIRE destroyed Woorinen Football Club’s facilities early this morning.

Have a ball in the ’Bool

TALK to Edward Mahony and words such as “dynamic”, “community” and “rejuvenation” flow freely.

Weekly Times Travel News

Beware of nursery bargains

Beware of nursery bargains

I’M NOT the only gardener who gets a bit picky when selecting and buying plants.

Tasty, accessible fruit

Tasty, accessible fruit

SOME fruit trees grow far too vigorously — they can become so tall we need a ladder to harvest the fruit.

Late bloomers shine

Late bloomers shine

I USED to admire a particularly beautiful, stately tree in a large suburban garden.

Tasty snack, or meal

COUNTRY LIVING: Food Shoot with Jeremy Vincent

SIMPLE minced meats and spices combine to create the foundation for a delicious and versatile meal.

Super savoury spuds

COUNTRY LIVING: Food Shoot with Jeremy Vincent

IT MAY be old-fashioned, but potatoes baked in their jackets make for true comfort food.

Top off Christmas in July

COUNTRY LIVING: Food Shoot with Jeremy Vincent

WE go out of our way to make plum puddings at Christmas but the weather just isn’t suited to such a rich dessert.

Magpie settles for top spot

DAVE Young saw our picture of a kookaburra sitting on top of a bird scarer and thought he could go one better.

Weekly Times Back Paddock

Hey, bale art is everywhere

Hey, bale art is everywhere

LOOKS like farmers all over the world love a bit of hay bale art.

Horse frames new career

Horse frames new career

CUTBACKS in regional media are biting so hard that horses are being employed as camera guys.

Ask Agnes: Sweet loss

Ask Agnes: Sweet loss

DEAR Agnes, At our golf day recently we celebrated one of our ladies’ birthdays with a cake I made.

Real China revealed

Real China revealed

CHINA really is a land of contrasts.

Pride of the south

Pride of the south

IT’S early evening in front of Avignon’s Palais des Papes and the tourist hordes have gone for the day.

Away from the crowd

 Mt Baw Baw

RAOUL Picot was a 14-year-old when he first came to Mt Baw Baw as one of the early pioneers.

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