Last Updated: October 22, 2014

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Dairy deal Southwest dairy swoop backed

THE Australian dairy industry is supporting a Chinese-investor backed deal involving up to 50 farms in Victoria.

New dairy jobs at Shepparton

pactum dairy
PACTUM Dairy Group will today receive $1 million from the Victorian Government.

Dry puts pressure on silage

Luke Felmingham. Making Silage.
VICTORIAN silage yields vary, but south west farmers are getting into the hay market first.

Wait and see on lift in market

Fonterra Darnum
ANOTHER Global Dairy Trade auction with a positive result would suggest the market had lifted.

Another dairy farm gets Aced

 ACE Farming Company's Denison property on Sale-Heyfield road
ACE Farming has continued its buying spree of Victorian dairy farms.

New dairy company to be born

Glenormiston College
UPDATE: A deal has been struck to take control of between 40 and 50 dairy farms in Victoria.

China's growing interest in dairy

Field day at the Tasmanian Dairy Demonstration Farm, The Gums at Woolnorth, cattle try to stay dry
INTEREST from international suitors to buy Australia’s largest dairy milk supplier is ongoing.

PROFITABLE production lift Dairy pool too small

Crole family, Simpson, dairy farmers
THE national dairy industry is “not sustainable” to service a growing domestic and export market.

HERD HEALTH Mycoplasma alarm sounded

Royal Melbourne Dairy Show 2014 Tuesday
OUTBREAKS of an emerging untreatable infection have hit many Australian dairy regions.

China dairy FTA weeks away

Andrew Robb on a Dairy Farm at Larpent
A “SATISFACTORY” outcome for the dairy component of the China FTA will soon be completed.

Dairy product prices bounce back

Dairy product prices bounce back
DAIRY product prices rose in the latest GlobalDairyTrade auction.

Farm sales Investment hinges on big sales

Business Sweden
THE sale of a large scale operation such as Van Diemens Land could be the “catalyst” for other investor transactions.

UDP OPINION FTA dairy benefit examined

Business Sweden
THE LEADER of Australia’s dairy lobby has hit back at suggestions free trade agreements “do not work”.

Udder shudder as milk prices sours

Milk Prices
WESTERN Victoria dairy farmer Ben Bennett sighs when he sits at his kitchen table to talk about the state of the industry.

UDV releases wish list

UDV releases wish list
UNITED Dairy­farmers of Victoria calls on governments to “clear the way” for the industry.

Prolonged dairy pinch approaches

Prolonged dairy pinch approaches
DAIRY farmers face a period of low commodity prices, according to Rabobank’s latest report.

YOGHURT PLANT Camperdown firm launches yoghurt

Camperdown Dairy yoghurt plant opening
EXPORTING milk to Asia will be the next venture for Camperdown Dairy, after launching its yoghurt.

Market driving dairy costs: report

Dairy farmer and runner Tania Nevill
MOST dairy manufacturing costs are driven largely by market factors rather than excess regulation, a new report shows.

Herd housing Cow barns boost NZ production

Aad and Wilma van Leeuwen, New Zealand
BARNS are now part of the New Zealand dairy industry environmental solution, says DeLaval’s Richard Alderton.

WORLD first Robots are in, pasture is past

Aad and Wilma van Leeuwen, New Zealand
PUSHING production, not the environment, is the philosophy behind the world’s largest robotic milking barn.

New cleaner a dairy good idea

New cleaner a dairy good idea
AUSTRALIAN Pump has developed a heavy-duty steam cleaner specifically for ­dairies.

Dairy prices Dairy price dip fears

Dairy price dip fears
NEXT season’s farmgate prices could be impacted if trading conditions fail to improve before year’s end.

Dairy’s vision hits Canberra

Dairy’s vision hits Canberra
DAIRY farmers were, quite literally, placed front and centre in the minds parliamentarians this week.

Dairy prices Milk step-up hopes fade

DAIRY Geoff Akers at Tallygaroopna
FARMGATE milk price step-ups less likely as processors attempt to hold season opening prices.

BUSY WRAPPING Silage season in full swing

Luke Felmingham. Making Silage.
SILAGE season has started “with a bang” for Luke Felmingham.

Soilage season Fodder shortage to hit dairy

 Cows eating Hydro Fodder off the silage cart
DAIRY farmers should organise their hay supplies now ahead of an expected shortage of quality fodder.

Spring sizzler kicks in

Spring sizzler kicks in

THE deteriorating season in parts of northwest Victoria and the NSW Riverina is expected to worsen.

Dayne backs his calling

Dayne Barry Young Racecaller

DAYNE Barry is calling the shots on his fledging career as he embarks on becoming Victorian horse racing’s youngest racecaller.

Store lamb market on fire

 11/6/2010 Griffith lamb sale. This pen of light lambs was bought by a restocker for $104.50. They had an estimated kill weig...

A SURGE in confidence in prime lambs has created a stellar market for restocker lambs this spring.

Case mid-sized tractor updated

Case mid-sized tractor updated

CASE IH has hit the 100hp market with its new Farmall C mid-size tractor range.

Mont De Lancey is a treasure

Mont De Lancey

SURROUNDED by orchards, Mont De Lancey homestead sits snugly in a postcard-perfect landscape.

Editor’s Letter: October 2014

 Natalee Ward. Weekly Times. HWT staff.

THE Weekly Times held its first FORUM last month, a day for farmers to get together and hear from some successful producers and marketing gurus on how to build a strong business brand.