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Nuts about autumn at Glenlyon

A SMALL hobby orchard in Glenlyon is doing big things for Henry Kovacevic, also known as “The Chestnut Man”.

Melon industry High hopes for quashing virus

High hopes for quashing virus
SCIENTISTS are hopeful of confining a deadly cucumber virus to a single farm near Charters Towers, Queensland.

Call for action on plant blights

Call for action on plant blights
A PEAK horticulture group is calling for urgent action to bolster Queensland’s biosecurity capabilities after the outbreak on another exotic disease.

Banana Furore Pittance for Panama fight

Panama in Mareeba
A QUEENSLAND Government pledge of $300,000 to aid the Far North’s fight against Panama disease has been slammed.

Berries’ blue sky

Berries’ blue sky
DEMAND for Australian frozen blueberries points to the future success of a homegrown commercial industry.

Australian nut industry worth $1b

 Walnuts. Nuts.
UPDATE: THE Australian nut industry is now worth almost $1 billion.

Banana disease ‘here to stay’

Banana disease ‘here to stay’
QUEENSLAND’S fruit and vegetable industry is reeling after a deadly banana disease was declared impossible to eliminate.

Virus found Outbreak threatens $90m industry

Cucumber Green Mottle Mosaic Virus
BIOSECURITY officers are battling a new fruit disease outbreak in Queensland that threatens a $90 million industry.

A taste for new apples

A taste for new apples
APPLE varieties kanzi and greenstar have been trialled in Australia and are now in commercial production.

Potato board WA’s royal blue over potato patrol

Free Spuds
WA’S POTATO patrol needs to be modernised but should not be mashed, state Nationals leader Terry Redman says.

Potato regulator has had its chips

Farmer and potato grower Tony Galati with spuds at his farm at Myalup in Western Australia, who has been fighting against reg...
WA’S POTATO regulator is destined for the scrapheap after Premier Colin Barnett revealed he would abolish it if he wins the next election.

Extreme drought The scary truth about almonds

WE EAT 10 times more Californian almonds than we did a decade ago. But it is a statistic that could suck the state dry.

Cherry exports boom

Cherry Farmer Mick Rouget who runs Koala Country Orrchards in Yarck. Cherries.
THE Australian cherry industry enjoyed a 30 per cent increase in exports this season.

Saffron’s delicate harvest

FARM: Saffron
LITZA Kikidopoulos works all year for a crop weighing just 80 grams.

Cold start for pumpkin

FARM - Spring Creek Organics
PUMPKIN season has kicked off and so far it’s looking like a cold one.

Old farm turns over new leaf

Houstons Farm expansion
ONE  of Australia’s biggest salad producers is casting a big vote of confidence in Tasmania’s agricultural sector.

Govt contradicts berry supplier

Govt contradicts berry supplier
THE Federal Government has contradicted Patties Food’s claims its frozen berries weren't linked to a hepatitis A outbreak.

Perfect year for papaya, pawpaw

Perfect year for papaya, pawpaw
IT’S been an ideal season for papaya and pawpaw.

Yellow crazy ants Funding delay on ant war

AUTHORITIES have underestimated the devastation yellow crazy ants could wrought upon Australia.

Uncertain future Keep buying bananas: growers

BANANA producers are begging the public to keep buying the popular fruit as a levy to support farmers hit by the Panama disease outbreak is proposed.

Patties claims no Hep A in berries

Frozen Berries
TESTING conducted by Patties Foods has come back negative for Hepatitis A and E.coli in the company’s recalled frozen berries.

Growers to foot the Panama bill

Panama in Mareeba
BANANA growers unaffected by Panama disease are being asked to chip in to help keep infected farms afloat.

New biosecurity for melons

Cucumber Green Mottle Mosaic Virus
MELON growers have been advised to maintain tight biosecurity measures against Cucumber Green Mottle Mosaic Virus.

Federal funding for fruit fly

Queensland fruit fly
BARNABY Joyce has accused the former Labor government of neglecting fruit fly monitoring and response systems.

Potato pest alert for Australia

Potato pest alert for Australia
THE discovery of sap-sucking insects on Norfolk Island has given scientists a start in controlling a major biosecurity threat to Australia.

News Weed could choke sugar industry

Ross River Weeds
A RAPIDLY spreading water weed in the Ross River is threatening the livelihoods of Burdekin farmers.

SA to get almond research facility

SA to get almond research facility
UPDATE: AN EXPERIMENTAL orchard will be established in Mildura to promote almond research.

Reopen disease-hit banana farms

Panama in Mareeba
THE banana industry hopes to partially reopen two Queensland farms hit by Panama disease.

China, there’s a bear in there

Bobbie the bear
TASMANIA’S lovable Bobbie the lavender bear has created an international purple spotlight in Shanghai.

Cyclone link in Panama hunt

Leaf yellowing and collapse, typical external symptoms of Panama disease of bananas.
QUEENSLAND banana farmers moving operations inland to escape cyclones may have spread Panama.

Katter calls for banana compo

 Fruit - banana bunch. bananas /Fruit
THE Federal Government must compensate Queensland banana farmers affected by Panama disease.

New dairy player

DAIRY Sarah Saxton

A NEW player in the milk market has emerged from the ashes of United Dairy Power

Sports clubs face losing cash

Anakie football club

THE Victorian Government is refusing to say if it will commit to the Country Football Netball Program.

SunRice crawls towards revamp

Rice harvest pics

SUNRICE is continuing its long crawl towards a capital restructure and possible Australian Securities Exchange listing.

Krone bends it for better rake

Krone bends it for better rake

KRONE’S centre and side-delivery Swadro hay rakes feature Lift tines for cleaner forage.