Last Updated: January 31, 2015

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Sick bananas get the chop

THE Banana Freckle Eradication Program is on target to meet its April deadline for removing all plants from within the six Northern Territory “Red Zones”.

Aerial war on weeds

AT a property on the banks of the Coal River in Tasmania a drone is being trialled to map weed infestations.

Green light for hemp growth

pic of rockliff and hemp grower
TASMANIA’S  upbeat industrial hemp growers should learn today if they can start to plant the crop as a food product.

Environment Ant fight short of funding

THE authority tasked with eradicating yellow crazy ants from Far North Queensland is woefully under-equipped for the job.

Kearney calls for 417 visa overhaul

union protest
WORKING holiday visas could come under greater scrutiny after union leader Ged Kearney called for review.

Wimmera veg growers smiling

Bellellen Organics
IT HAD been the roughest season in 51 years at Bellellen Organics — until the summer rain fell.

Dry brings vine intervention

Grape picking begins in the Hunter
VICTORIAN wine grape growers have experienced one of their earliest harvests on record.

Growers warn on biosecurity

TASMANIAN exports are under threat because of the erosion of biosecurity standards, primary producers warn.

Fruit fly outbreak Final strike on fruit fly

Final strike on fruit fly
THE world’s worst fruit pest, Queensland fruit fly, is now in plague proportions across Victoria.

Claims denied Backpacker ‘paid $1.35 an hour’

Backpacker ‘paid $1.35 an hour’
A SMALL-BUSINESS owner has strongly hit back at claims he paid a young Italian backpacker less than $2 an hour for four weeks’ work.

Costa Group up for sale

Frank Costa. Geelong
AUSTRALIA’S largest private fruit and vegetable producer, Costa Group, is up for sale.

It’s Bobbiemania in Tasmania

bridestowe bears
AT FIRST glance, Bobbie Bear is an unassuming purple, lavender and wheat-filled toy.

She’s apples after rain

Harcourt apples and rain
FARMERS are busy after widespread rain across Victoria last week.

On The Murray Having a ball on watermelon farm

Murry River Trip
EACH and every day the hopes of a farming family rise as early as the morning sun.

New tomato dumping investigation

 JANUARY 12, 2000 : Can of chopped Italian tomatoes from Trident, 12/01/00. Pic Jason Busch. Advertising / Food
THE Anti-Dumping Commission will investigate the alleged dumping of canned tomatoes by two Italian exporters.

Perfection Fresh takes over Moraitis

 Kumatoes From sally gray IMPACT Communications 02 9519 5411
UPDATE: PERFECTION Fresh has announced it will take over the Moraitis tomato-growing business in Tatura.

Flower of the month: gladioli

 Gladioli. Flower
KNOWN for their retro appeal and array of colours, the Flowers Victoria flower of the month is the gladioli.

Lychees and mangoes off to the US

AUSTRALIAN lychee and mango growers have the green light to export to the US.

Try grasping at strawbs

Tuckerberry Hill opens blueberry season early
NOTHING says summer like freshly picked berries — see our guide to the best pick-your-own farms here.

Horticulture welcomes Japan FTA

Red And Green Table Grapes
THE horticulture industry has welcomed Japan free-trade agreement tariff cuts coming into effect today.

Fruit farmers count the costs

POUNDING rain may ease today, but the damage and dangers following Southern Tasmania’s drenching continue to mount.

Wanted fruit The lime chefs are talking about

PLUCKED from the Australian rainforest, this finger lime, also dubbed “citrus caviar”, is the hottest new thing in international cuisine.

Hot and happy season for capers

Long Lane Capers
IT’S been a dream season at Long Lane Capers.

Exclusive Aussies shun work

Fruit pickers
YOUNG, jobless Aussies are unwilling to break their welfare dependence, ­say wine producers and citrus growers.

Working holiday Tourists get pick of jobs on farms

Mt Isa
UNEMPLOYED Australians are shunning local agriculture jobs, forcing farmers to rely on backpackers to fill a workforce gap.

Hard to swallow

Andrew Broad and Plane
A FOOD fight has erupted over whether to extend the goods and services tax to fresh produce.

Fruit oversupply Growers hit by bumper crop

Growers hit by bumper crop
A FLOOD of fruit is ruining the livelihoods of many Victorian growers.

Spud grower goes overboard

ONE of the nation’s biggest vegetable producers will give away 200 tonnes of potatoes.

Simplot will stay Pay deal means Simplot will stay

Pay deal means Simplot will stay
A MAJOR vegetable processor has agreed to stay in Australia.

Simplot pay deal secured

Simplot Australia factory at Ulverstone
AFTER more than a year of tense negotiations, Tasmania’s last vegetable processor, Simplot, has reached a new pay deal with workers.

Rust found in berry plants

The biggest blueberry planting ever attempted in Tasmania at Nine Mile berry farm at Sulphur Creek on Tasmania's North West C...
BLUEBERRY rust, a fungal disease that poses a serious threat to some berry ­orchards, has been found on 38 Tasmanian properties.

Ministers target raw milk

Ministers target raw milk

A NATIONAL approach is “urgently” required to prevent the consumption of raw cow’s milk.

Rhiann makes dad proud

Rhiann makes dad proud

RHIANN O’Donnell has been a fixture around the Mildura West Cricket Club since an early age.

Green light for hemp growth

pic of rockliff and hemp grower

TASMANIA’S  upbeat industrial hemp growers should learn today if they can start to plant the crop as a food product.

Hands-free without a hitch

Hands-free without a hitch

JOHN Deere’s fully automated three-point linkage connection system has earned it a SIMA Innovation Award.

Twins all fired up

 Twin sisters Sally and Kerry Reiners 22yrs have been abseling out of hovering helicopters as part of DSE rappellers training...

GROWING up on a farm in Corryong, twins Kerryanne and Sally Reiners lived a girl’s own adventure.