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John’s found the plot

LESS than two decades ago this 21ha Yarra Valley property was a neglected trotting stud.

Homewares Colour me happy

EMMA Cliene — who studied fine art, majoring in sculpture — is making popular prints and homewares.

Gold runs in the blood

THREE generations of the Watt family, of East Gippsland, have been determined to find gold.

Steve bends the rules

Steve bends the rules

THERE was no crisis or yearning for a creative outlet that triggered Steve Tobin’s career change.

Record smashed A truly record-breaking feat

 Singer Slim Dusty 12 Oct 1993. p/

WHICH iconic Australian singer has just celebrated a staggering 800 weeks — that’s 15 years — in the ARIA charts with his best-of album?

Red Rock Olives extracts good oil

FOCUS Red Rock Olives

FOR city girl Rita Bikins, olives are a new way of life.

Gold runs in the blood

 Graham Watt, Overland Gold Adventures, Stratford Picture: Hudson Sarah

THREE generations of the Watt family, of East Gippsland, have been determined to find gold.

Homewares Colour me happy

Lumiere Art and Co

EMMA Cliene — who studied fine art, majoring in sculpture — is making popular prints and homewares.

John’s found the plot

Alowyn Garden

LESS than two decades ago this 21ha Yarra Valley property was a neglected trotting stud.

Travel Down town to funky town

CASTLEMAINE rocks. And that’s not a reference to the renowned sweet candy — Castlemaine Rock.

Foodies all about travelling

Lamb and wine adventure- Four farmers' follies

IT was while Gippsland farmers Paul and Jenny O’Sullivan were in Europe the idea dawned on them.

A haven of calm at Narbethong

 Saladin Lodge, Kim Rycroft, Narbethong Picture: Supplied

KIM Rycroft proudly shows off Saladin Lodge, built after Black Saturday bushfires.

Chicago, it’s a breeze

24 Hours in Obamaville. Tulips and skyscrapers along Chicago's artery, Michigan Avenue, where the Obamas dined at Spiaggio Re...

TOURISTS who travel to Australia and see Sydney but not Melbourne don’t know what they are missing out on.

Penguins — the island drawcard

 Jpeg File penguin. Credit: Phillip Island Nature Parks Picture: Supplied

THERE is something about the sight of small, furry creatures waddling up a beach that prompts gushing.

Welcome a frog in your pond

IF you haven’t even seen any frogs in your garden lately, start worrying.

Get passion in spades

Get passion in spades

IF you want to learn quickly how to grow vegetables, get yourself a passionate teacher.

Brawn and beauty camellias

Camellia Festival

ONE day there was a massive, healthy camellia in bloom, then fire came.

Plant colour and joy

 winter spring flowering plants 14 august 08 pics of the first late winter spring flowering plants for pic cap please. (Photo...

SPRING beckons, so it’s time to put in the hard work right now for your warm-weather colour spectacular.

How to grow a lemon tree

 Open Garden - Sally Gamble at her garden near Benalla. Lemon.

A THRIVING lemon tree is a gardener’s source of pride and delight. Here are some lemon growing tips.

Asparagus season closes in

ASPARAGUS comes into its own during the spring-summer months.

Celebrity chef Koutsantonis rallies behind Beer

Food Manufacturing

SOUTH Australian Treasurer Tom Koutsantonis has come to Maggie Beer’s support.

Fix up the leek

Food Pics

EVERYONE has probably heard of the soup resulting in the combination of leek and potato.

Okra out of Africa

Food Pics

OKRA is one of those vegetables you might see in a store but not understand what you can do with it.

Chicken/lamb/beef curry

Chicken/lamb/beef curry

TRY this versatile curry recipe which can be adapted to either chicken, lamb or beef.

Want to get Hors Piste?

IS this a rare case of honesty in advertising (above)?

A pub with no... food?

A pub with no... food?

BAD luck if you were hungry and in need of a meal at the Lake Boga pub last week.

Golden Steph gains support

Golden Steph gains support

GOOD to equal opportunity working well in the Victorian Nationals team.

Some dogs refuse to share

Some dogs refuse to share

MOST pooches love a sleeping partner and they’re not fussy if it’s another dog or a cat. Except this one.

Sheepdogs’ guide to herding

 Rookie working dog trainer Jackie Merchant, of Harford, on Tasmania's North-West Coast, Rocky the kelpie, one of the sheepdo...

THE secret to herding sheep is out thanks to some researchers in Europe.

The Shed

Adding a touch of Beetle magic

Adding a touch of Beetle magic

RICHARD Graham has been a fan of Volkswagen Beetles for as long as he can remember.

Ford-thinking Eddie’s US dream

 Eddie Ford With A 1959 Cadillac Eldorado, One Of About 20 Cars In His Shed Picture: Supplied

EDDIE Ford bought his first car, a 1932 Ford Coupe, in 1967.

A Fergie workhorse that heals

Pete's Shed

PETER Dickinson was 14 years old when he bought his first Fergie tractor. Now he’s opened Pete’s Shed.

SHED Hidden gems of a true collector

 Max Kerr With Quart Pots. Pics by Genevieve Barlow Picture: Supplied

ON MAX Kerr’s farm there’s a shed with all the usual farm stuff — utes, cars, tractors.


Change is coming, be scared

Change is coming, be scared

IN 1891, a petition containing 30,000 signatures was presented to the Victorian Parliament.

Fix domestic violence rot

Fix domestic violence rot

OUT out here beyond the tramlines domestic violence is a deep and damaging rot.

Massage the foodie message

Massage the foodie message

OH, the lurks of marketing. How they move us so. Australian farmers are relatively new to this game.

Education changes don’t add up

Education changes don’t add up

THE Federal Government’s proposed changes to higher education deserve great scrutiny by rural Australians.


BOOKS Dirty Love

Dirty Love

MARK and Laura Welch have been married for more than 20 years, but Laura has started acting strangely.

Almost Invincible

Almost Invincible

SUZANNE Burdon’s biography Almost Invincible details the fascinating life of Mary Shelley.

Bistronomy: French Food Unbound

Bistronomy: French Food Unbound

IN the age of cost-cutting book publishers, there is something indulgent about a no-expenses-spared book.

The First Week

Supplied Editorial SA WEEKEND Books

THERE is a range of nightmare scenarios that every parent fears.

Top Ten Stories

  1. New dumpling heaven in Melbourne

    SHS Fab Foodcourt Feeds

    DOES Melbourne need more dumplings? Don’t be ridiculous - of course we do. And some of the city’s best can be found at the level 3 food court in the new Emporium.

  2. Cara Delevingne on her style, career and Mulberry bag


    Vogue chats to It-model Cara Delevingne about working with animals, her perfect handbag and what she’s currently obsessing over.

  3. Man gets divorce over ‘frisky wife’

    Man gets divorce over ‘frisky wife’

    A MAN has been granted a divorce on the grounds that his wife had an “insatiable appetite for sex,” that once landed him in hospital.

Top Ten Stories

  1. Auction market blooms

    Auction market blooms

    A RUN of successful auction weekends signals a strong spring ahead. SEARCH THE WEEKEND’S RESULTS

  2. Candy and Ryan’s House Rules reno sells for $590k

    Auction for House Rules home

    Former House Rules contestants Candy and Ryan popped a bottle of champagne with the new owners of their Emu Plains house after it sold on Saturday.

  3. The house Heath didn’t get to see

    The house Heath didn’t get to see

    KIM Ledger is selling a magnificent home he planned with his late son, Heath. It was to be a hideaway for the star — but sadly he never saw it completed.

Top Ten Stories

  1. World’s most bizarre breakfasts

    World’s most bizarre breakfasts

    WHAT’S your fave brekkie? Scrambled eggs? Pancakes? How about diseased corn ... ? Check out these weird and wonderful world foods.

  2. Lara Bingle’s nude beach frolic

    Lara Bingle & Sam Worthington Spend The Day On A Hawaii Beach

    LARA Bingle sunbathed nude and then frolicked topless with smitten boyfriend, actor Sam Worthington, on holiday in Hawaii.

  3. 10 boat trips you need to take

    10 boat trips you need to take

    FROM simple ferry rides to epic cruise trips, some destinations are best seen from the water. Here’s 10 top places to sail away.

#FTA4dairy kicks off

#FTA4dairy kicks off

DAIRY farmers today launched a #FTA4dairy “selfie” campaign to help secure a China-Australia FTA.

WEG riders on road to Rio


AUSTRALIA’S dressage riders have secured a team place at the Olympic Games at Rio in 2016.

Vic farmers feeling flat

Haywards of Locksley Wines

VICTORIAN farmers’ confidence eased this quarter, citing concerns about the agricultural economy.

Mother bins cut back downtime

Mallee Machinery Field Days.

AS headers work faster, chaser bins and grain transfer to on-farm silos can struggle to keep up.

Steve bends the rules

Steve bends the rules

THERE was no crisis or yearning for a creative outlet that triggered Steve Tobin’s career change.

Editor’s letter: August 2014

Natalee Ward. Weekly Times. HWT staff.

IN case you’ve ever wondered how important branding is, you only have to listen to Rita Bikins from Red Rock Olive oil at Pomonal to know the truth.