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Sheep on Tour de France

IN A clear sign of friendship, France has handed over famous event, the Tour de France, to England.

Laughing gear: Dog act

Laughing gear: Dog act
A GUY walks into a bar with his dog and says, “I’ll have a scotch and water and my dog a whiskey sour”.

Ask Agnes: Deep breathes

Ask Agnes: Deep breathes
Dear Agnes, I am still horrified when my Vauxhall Viva (Trixie) and I are pulled up by the police.

Handy half-quack flankers

Supplied Editorial Fwd: Lovely weather for ducks, Mountain Road Reserve (Cockatoo) Emerald verse Seville U/18 game 5
IT was great weather for ducks at the under-18s match between Emerald and Seville on Saturday.

Some take it the lying down

Some take it the lying down
DOGS always know how to find a comfortable place to snooze.

Ask Agnes: Head banging

Ask Agnes: Head banging
DEAR Agnes. Why do they have to play the music so loud at weddings?

Laughing gear: Sound sleep

Laughing gear: Sound sleep
AN ELDERLY doctor who has been working in a country town for most of his life, finally retires.

Broad advice from a Mallee man

 New Member for Mallee Andrew Broad and Nationals leader Warren Truss in Swan Hill.
WHO would have guessed the broad talents of Andrew Broad.

Huge fungi destroyed

Huge fungi destroyed
“MUSHROOM man” Mark Abela discovered an enormous fungi last week, but it is no longer with us.

Size no barrier for pooches

Supplied Editorial Dogs
The fabulous pictures of tired pooches are now officially flooding into Back Paddock.

The Muppets go to market

Glastonbury Festival - Day Two
EVER wondered what happened to the cast of The Muppets?

Weed market wanes Weed brings a bunch of problems

Weed brings a bunch of problems
ALL that glitters is not gold they say, and likewise, not every pretty flower will win a heart.

Tree changer Outfoxing those on the ground

Outfoxing those on the ground
BLIMEY the foxes are so thick on the ground they’re having to sleep in the trees.

Sally’s funky fungi is no fallacy

Sally’s funky fungi is no fallacy
OK STAY with us here as we explain — and no sniggering or jumping to conclusions.

Pooped-out pooches Pooches find comfort in a mate

Supplied Editorial dogs
SLEEPING is great — but even better if you’ve got someone to cuddle up to.

On tractor bridal bliss Bride makes tracts at Silvan

Bride makes tracts at Silvan
IT’S getting a bit chilly for an outside farm wedding now, but Maree Corrone managed to squeeze in hers.

Only in the country Prize loaded with country honesty

Prize loaded with country honesty
HERE’s one from the “Only in the Country” file.

Ask Agnes Ask Agnes: Cold shoulder

Ask Agnes: Cold shoulder
DEAR Agnes, Our neighbour of almost 20 years has recently stopped waving to us passing on the road.

Laughing gear: On the fly

Laughing gear: On the fly
A SOLO pilot is flying across Australia when his engine fails.

Mallee Medic Broad offers medical advice

 Andrew Broad, Victorian Farmers Federation President, on his farm in Bridgewater.
WHO needs the doctor when you’ve got Andrew Broad?

Tired pooches Let sleeping dogs lounge about

Let sleeping dogs lounge about
SOME dogs like to curl up in a ball to sleep, some like to sleep on their tummies and some dogs just like to let it all hang out.

Antelope on the run The blackbuck stops here

antelope's new home
WHAT’s this? Is this really an antelope darting freely across a paddock in the Western District?

Peta protest flies fowl Ruffling PETA’s feathers

Ruffling PETA’s feathers
HERE’s one way of responding to those pesky PETA protesters with whom you don’t see eye to eye.

Ask Agnes: Messing with the menu

Ask Agnes: Messing with the menu
DEAR Agnes. We have some wonderful young recruits in the CWA but I’m worried about their cooking.

Motorist party goes full cycle

Glenn Druery - Political Strategist for minor parties and independents. He is organising a meeting in Sydney of 35 minor part...
IS Ricky Muir about to ditch his four-wheel drive for Lycra?

Perfect pooches Spooning puts lab test to rest

Spooning puts lab test to rest
LAST WEEK your pooped out pooches favoured certain pieces of furniture for their daily snooze.

Mighty big mushy in May

Mighty big mushy in May
HOW’s this for a mushroom?

Wood it be ET?

Wood it be ET?
BRIAN Shield saw a familiar figure among some firewood at his property at Tylden recently.

Laughing gear: Time’s running out

Laughing gear: Time’s running out
A MAN hasn’t been feeling well, so he goes to his doctor for a complete check-up.

Ask Agnes: Zip it

Ask Agnes: Zip it
DEAR Agnes. At many CWA gigs, I am often confronted by old blokes who have forgotten to do up their flies.
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Shearer actions slammed

Shearer actions slammed

UPDATE: THE wool industry condemns shearers caught on video punching and stomping on sheep.

O&M greats call for action

 Peter Tossol, Football coach.

SOME of O&M’s top names have warned the competition will lose clubs if the league imbalance isn’t corrected.

Supermarket code needs work

 Westfarmers CEO Richard Goyder in the fresh fruit and vegetables isle of a Coles Supermarket at Claremont in Perth.

THE Federal Government has been urged to “bed down” the food and grocery code of conduct.

ATV top spot in dispute

 2014 Honda Pioneer 700. New side by side vehicle from Honda, ATV, two-seater

A STOUSH is brewing over the accuracy of ATV sales information following the latest release of figures.