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Against the rules

IN MOST polite circles, the union of fish and cheese has long been frowned upon, but in some culinary circumstances, rules can comfortably be broken.

Recipe of the Week

Prawn tacos

Prawn tacos
Spring has sprung, so lighten up your diet with this fresh, healthy and delicious prawn tacos.

More Food

Layers of tasty appeal

CL Food Page
There’s something really satisfying about making your own lasagne, layering the ingredients to create a dish that has visual appeal as well as great taste.

Fish for complement

CL Food Page
THE warmer weather invariably prompts a change of diet away from the winter’s comfort foods.

More clout with stout

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DON’T stop at beer being just a beverage to have around the home.

Be careful with cauli

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EASILY ruined by overcooking, and as a result too readily overlooked, cauliflower has had a difficult life.

Slow shanks, thanks

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THE secret to cooking lamb shanks is to cook them low and slow, until the meat is fall-apart tender.

Roast pork belly bliss

COUNTRY LIVING: Food Shoot with Jeremy Vincent
PORK belly seems to be one of the meat cuts of the moment.

Try a dollop of delight

COUNTRY LIVING: Food Shoot with Jeremy Vincent
THE supermarket fridge is full of a huge range of yoghurt products, both natural and flavoured.

Warm to a zesty soup

COUNTRY LIVING: Food Shoot with Jeremy Vincent
A FRIEND who enjoys a vodka tonic with lime recently brought me a bag of the tasty citrus fruits.

Cabbage adds colour

COUNTRY LIVING: Food Shoot with Jeremy Vincent
CABBAGE is one of those vegetables which some people steer away from.

Tasty snack, or meal

COUNTRY LIVING: Food Shoot with Jeremy Vincent
SIMPLE minced meats and spices combine to create the foundation for a delicious and versatile meal.

Super savoury spuds

COUNTRY LIVING: Food Shoot with Jeremy Vincent
IT MAY be old-fashioned, but potatoes baked in their jackets make for true comfort food.

Top off Christmas in July

COUNTRY LIVING: Food Shoot with Jeremy Vincent
WE go out of our way to make plum puddings at Christmas but the weather just isn’t suited to such a rich dessert.

Dip into biscuits

COUNTRY LIVING: Food Shoot with Jeremy Vincent
THE smell of homemade biscuits in the oven and that ‘just-baked’ finish is a winner every time.

A fraîche, tasty snack

COUNTRY LIVING: Food Shoot with Jeremy Vincent
CRÈME fraîche, while once a novel and trendy dairy ingredient, has now settled into mainstream cooking.

Let onions be the star

Jeremy Vincent - Food for CL
THE common brown onion is a feature of much of our cooking.

Warming to the core

Jeremy Vincent - Food for CL
NOTHING says early winter quite like an apple that’s sweet, crisp, tart and juicy.

Find comfort in soup

Jeremy Vincent - Food for CL
THERE are few foods as comforting as homemade chicken noodle soup.

Their hearts will melt

Jeremy Vincent - Food for CL
WORKING with chocolate in the kitchen can have its pitfalls, particularly when it comes to applying heat for melting.

Good stewardship pays

Jeremy Vincent - Food for CL
I SPENT a recent rainy Sunday morning in the kitchen cooking up a stew for later in the week.

Persimmon perfection

THE persimmon is definitely one of the more esoteric finds in the stores and farmers’ markets at this time of the year.

Spinach and cheese squares

 Cafe Morucci at broadway. A spinach and ricotta quiche in a napolli sauce. 16/1/01. Picture: john Appleyard
WITH eight ingredients and just six steps, readers can have themselves a healthy and tasty snack.

Rabbit, so versatile

Jeremy Vincent - Food for CL
DESPITE what some critics say, domestic rabbit meat does not taste gamey or wild.

Spice it up with coriander

Country Living FOOD PAGE
CORIANDER is one of those herbs you either love or hate.

Chocolate brownies

Chocolate brownies
BROWNIES are a decadent treat, ideal for bringing along to a dinner party or morning tea.

Shortbread a longtime favourite

Country Living FOOD PAGE
AS LONG as you have butter, sugar, flour and salt, you can make one of the most beloved, classic biscuits.

Fried haloumi

 DT FOODHOLD...28/5/03...Neil Perry, Holoumi Bread Salad, pan fry Haloumi.........Pic Jim Trifyllis.....
TRY this recipe for fried haloumi.

Making the most of mince

Country Living FOOD PAGE
MINCED meat is one of the most versatile ingredients around.

Sweet victory for Aussie Anzacs

Sweet victory for Aussie Anzacs
AUSTRALIAN Anzac biscuits have beaten out New Zealand Anzac biscuits in a blind tasting, thanks to extra sugar.

Pho the love of soup

Country Living FOOD PAGE
AUTUMN is a great time to start to explore the warming world of soups.

Cruel cut

Andrew Weidemann, Rupanyup

SCORCHING temperatures and hot winds have devastated crops just weeks out from harvest.

Saints in heaven

Goulburn Valley FL, Grand Final, Benalla V Kyabram

BENALLA ended a four-decade premiership drought by defeating Kyabram in the Goulburn Valley Football League grand final.

Early bud burst again

Glenmaggie Wines

DRY conditions and warm weather have led to another early bud burst in parts of Victoria.

Cut-price loader ticks boxes

Cut-price loader ticks boxes

THE Korean-made Branson range has expanded in Australia with the release of the F42R 40hp compact tractor.

Place of shed experiences

Boort Mens' Shed

A DOG-EARED copy of The Weekly Times sits on the table in the middle of the Boort men’s shed.

A ’devastating’ turnaround

Baker Seed Co Rutherglen

THE heatwave of the past few days will strip the cream off crops in North East Victoria.