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Lamb a spring delight

LAMB is a family favourite for many households and spring lamb is a popular option.

Recipe of the Week

Fish in lemon sauce

 THINKSTOCK ONE TIME ONLY Prawns with a sprig of parsley and salad
TRY this recipe for quick and simple fish in lemon sauce.

More Food

Asparagus season closes in

Food Pics
ASPARAGUS comes into its own during the spring-summer months.

Celebrity chef Koutsantonis rallies behind Beer

Food Manufacturing
SOUTH Australian Treasurer Tom Koutsantonis has come to Maggie Beer’s support.

Fix up the leek

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EVERYONE has probably heard of the soup resulting in the combination of leek and potato.

Okra out of Africa

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OKRA is one of those vegetables you might see in a store but not understand what you can do with it.

Chicken/lamb/beef curry

Chicken/lamb/beef curry
TRY this versatile curry recipe which can be adapted to either chicken, lamb or beef.

The main squeeze

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AVAILABLE year round, the versatile lemon can be found in kitchens throughout the world.

Roy roams into Sheepvention

 Commercial Hotel chef Roy Treves, Hamilton. By KATE DOWLER.
HAMILTON beats Paris as a place to live, according to 25-year-old chef Roy Treves.

Tasty curry tuna bake

Tasty curry tuna bake
TRY this delicious recipe for tasty curry tuna bake, a perfect winter warmer.

Cooking with coconut milk

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COCONUT milk is a pantry staple that adds richness and luxury to everything it touches.

FOOD Fish of the day

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LIKE steak, fish can be tricky in the kitchen, and for some cooks the chances of ruination are high.

Glorious grains

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THERE are many tricks to making the perfect risotto.

Fried cauli can be jolly

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CAULIFLOWER is around all year and it can be classed as one of those vegetables you love or hate.

Slice the perfect snack

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ONE of my most vivid travel memories was a stop at a simple roadside home during a visit to Egypt.

Food A moist, tender treat

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HEALTHY pork fillet is one of my all-time favourites in the kitchen.

Oat and raisin cookies

TRY this recipe for oat and raisin cookies, sent in by R. Thompson, of Gawler.

Food Warm winter oatmeal

Food Pics
WITH the change of seasons, there comes change in our lifestyle and our health, too.

Warm, wet weather Hills are alive with mushrooms

Picking Mushrooms
MUSHROOM lovers are spoiled for choice this winter, with abundant yields to feast on including the  “king of mushrooms”, the Porcini.

Beer apologises for false pig claims

Saskia Beer with her Barossa Farm Produce now available in the city at the Adelaide Showground Farmers Market at Wayville Pic...
UPDATE: Maggie Beer’s daughter, Saskia, has apologised to consumers for providing false information about her pig products.

Denmark's pasties best in Australia

Denmark’s pasties best in Australia
WA’s Denmark Bakery has beaten more than 200 bakeries in Australia to have its gourment creations named the best in the country.

How to cook the perfect steak

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COOKING the perfect steak can be a challenge. It’s not complicated, but there are so many small contributing factors.

FOOD How to make baked Cheesecake

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CHEESECAKES come in many different forms.

How to make Osso Buco

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SOME dishes are just made for the late autumn — comforting flavours and lots of sauce.

How to make French onion soup

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A BOWL of French onion soup always seems to make an impression.

Sultana cake

sultana cake
TRY this recipe for sultana cake, sent in by Catherine Rosewall of Kerang.

How to roast a chicken

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NOT much beats a roast chicken.

Pumpkin fruit cake

matt preston fruit cake nov 19 taste
TRY this delicious recipe for pumpkin fruit cake sent in by Joan Stevenson of West Footscray in Victoria.

Blue Ribbon: Fig jam

fig jam
COLEAMBALLY'S Vicki Mannes is an award-winning jam maker. We are lucky enough to have her French Fig Jam recipe.

Blue Ribbon: Ginger cake

Ginger cake
THE ginger cake class at the Clunes show is hotly contested and we have Pat Cook's delicious recipe.

Blue Ribbon: Peanut butter slice

peanut butter slice
SWEET tooths gather round The Australian Blue Ribbon Cookbook is sharing Bettina Kent's peanut butter swirl slice recipe.
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Water charges to plunge

dry weather

THOUSANDS of Victorian irrigators will soon pay less for their water.

Big finish gets Weeks in 100 club

Supplied Editorial Fwd: GVFL pics

ROCHESTER forward Grant Weeks became the ninth and final player to snare 100 goals this season.

Sucker prices to settle

Wagga Wagga lamb sale 13.3.2014

SPRING prices for young lambs are expected to settle despite a rocky start to the season.

eMax ready for tough tasks

eMax ready for tough tasks

MAHINDRA has hit the Australian sub-compact market with its new eMax Series that sells from $12,990.

Editor’s letter: August 2014

Natalee Ward. Weekly Times. HWT staff.

IN case you’ve ever wondered how important branding is, you only have to listen to Rita Bikins from Red Rock Olive oil at Pomonal to know the truth.