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Fish of the day

LIKE steak, fish can be tricky in the kitchen, and for some cooks the chances of ruination are high.

Recipe of the Week

Cream of potato and leek soup

 Potato and Leek soup.
TRY this delicious recipe for hearty cream of potato and leek soup, plus steamed ginger pudding.

More Food

Glorious grains

Food Pics
THERE are many tricks to making the perfect risotto.

Fried cauli can be jolly

Food Pics
CAULIFLOWER is around all year and it can be classed as one of those vegetables you love or hate.

Slice the perfect snack

Food Pics
ONE of my most vivid travel memories was a stop at a simple roadside home during a visit to Egypt.

Food A moist, tender treat

Food Pics
HEALTHY pork fillet is one of my all-time favourites in the kitchen.

Oat and raisin cookies

TRY this recipe for oat and raisin cookies, sent in by R. Thompson, of Gawler.

Food Warm winter oatmeal

Food Pics
WITH the change of seasons, there comes change in our lifestyle and our health, too.

Warm, wet weather Hills are alive with mushrooms

Picking Mushrooms
MUSHROOM lovers are spoiled for choice this winter, with abundant yields to feast on including the  “king of mushrooms”, the Porcini.

Beer apologises for false pig claims

Saskia Beer with her Barossa Farm Produce now available in the city at the Adelaide Showground Farmers Market at Wayville Pic...
UPDATE: Maggie Beer’s daughter, Saskia, has apologised to consumers for providing false information about her pig products.

Denmark's pasties best in Australia

Denmark’s pasties best in Australia
WA’s Denmark Bakery has beaten more than 200 bakeries in Australia to have its gourment creations named the best in the country.

How to cook the perfect steak

Food shots
COOKING the perfect steak can be a challenge. It’s not complicated, but there are so many small contributing factors.

FOOD How to make baked Cheesecake

Food shots
CHEESECAKES come in many different forms.

How to make Osso Buco

Food shots
SOME dishes are just made for the late autumn — comforting flavours and lots of sauce.

How to make French onion soup

Food shots
A BOWL of French onion soup always seems to make an impression.

Sultana cake

sultana cake
TRY this recipe for sultana cake, sent in by Catherine Rosewall of Kerang.

How to roast a chicken

Food shots
NOT much beats a roast chicken.

Pumpkin fruit cake

matt preston fruit cake nov 19 taste
TRY this delicious recipe for pumpkin fruit cake sent in by Joan Stevenson of West Footscray in Victoria.

Blue Ribbon: Fig jam

fig jam
COLEAMBALLY'S Vicki Mannes is an award-winning jam maker. We are lucky enough to have her French Fig Jam recipe.

Blue Ribbon: Ginger cake

Ginger cake
THE ginger cake class at the Clunes show is hotly contested and we have Pat Cook's delicious recipe.

Blue Ribbon: Peanut butter slice

peanut butter slice
SWEET tooths gather round The Australian Blue Ribbon Cookbook is sharing Bettina Kent's peanut butter swirl slice recipe.

How to make chocolate mousse

Food shots
CHOCOLATE mousse has to be one of the easiest and most satisfying desserts around.

How to make beef bourguignon

Food shots
ONE of my must-have dishes when visiting France is the traditional beef bourguignon.

How to make crumble

Food shots
ONE of the easiest cool-weather foods to make is a fruit crumble.

Frank’s star burns bright

Frank Martinez. Bright
THERE was a time chef Frank Martinez was a star among stars.

FOOD How to make chicken stock

Country Living Food pics with Jeremy Vincent
HOMEMADE stock is the cornerstone of any great homemade soup.

EASTER MENU Eleanor Ozich's beetroot choc pud

 Beetroot Chocolate Pudding. WKT ONLY. Picture: Supplied
FLUFFY and light on the outside, fudgy and molten on the inside, this rich chocolate pudding contains a secret ingredient: beetroot, which adds a lovely moistness.

EASTER MENU Eleanor Ozich's lamb leg steaks

 Lamb Leg Steaks With Mint And Apple Cider Sauce. WKT ONLY. Picture: Supplied
SOMETIMES I just crave a juicy, beautifully cooked steak.

EASTER MENU Eleanor Ozich's egg pots

 Eggs In Pots With Nutmeg Cream Fraiche. WKT ONLY Picture: Supplied
THERE insanely delicious egg pots are super simple to make.

How to make créme brulee

Country Living Food pics with Jeremy Vincent
IN THE ’80s and early ’90s, it seemed créme brulee was on every restaurant dessert menu.

Chocolate sandwich cake

 Flour in a sieve on kitchen table. Picture: Supplied
TRY this delicious recipe for chocolate cake sandwich, sent in by Catherine Rosewall of Kerang in Victoria.
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Gillard's health plan fails

 PM Julia Gillard speaks with 1984 Olympic Butterfly Gold Medallist Jon Sieben via mobile phone as she and Treasurer Wayne Sw...

IT is a $620m system, introduced by Labor to solve the rural health crisis, paying specialists to hold video consultations with patients.

Dressage ends on Scottish note

Dressage ends on Scottish note

THE Victorian Dressage Club’s annual inter-club teams event signalled the end of this year’s season at the weekend.

VFF reveals grain licensing plan

VFF reveals grain licensing plan

DETAILS of the VFF’s plan to license grain traders in the wake of a string of collapses was released today.

Bald Archy, works on show

 Bald Archies Convenor Peter Batey at the TAP gallery in Darlinghurst as some of this years works are hung. The Bald Archies,...

BENALLA never guessed what it was unleashing on the world with its hometown boy Peter Batey.