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Loving it in the raw

WHILE raw fish may seem to be a strange dinner choice, it is quite delicious when prepared properly.

Recipe of the Week

Broccoli fettucine

Broccoli fettucine
THIS recipe is packed full of flavour from the fresh herbs. cheeses and yoghurt.

More Food

Candy’s banana cake

Global kitchen Pat Mulley
WHEN bananas get a little old they can make the perfect base for a moist, flavoursome cake.

How to preserve olives

 Steve and Pam Coleman. Olive farm. Metung. Black olives undergoing preserving.
PATRICIA Boyer of Castlemaine shares her recipe on how to preserve olives.

A merry cherry

CL Jeremy Vincent Food
LUSCIOUS cherries are in season and these tasty morsels are among the great joys of summer.

Malteser slice

THIS delicious recipe for Malteser slice is ideal for entertaining.

How to cook prawn curry

CL Food Prawn curry
THE weather may be a little on the hot side at this time of the year but a curry is not out of the question.

Vegie soup

 Country Living Food - Hearty vegetable soup August 14
HERE'S an easy recipe to make vegie soup.

Cooking with chervil

Country Living Food
CHERVIL is one of the great herbs to use in your summer cooking.

Diabetic Christmas cake

St Ives Lions Club Christmas Cake. on sale for ses
TRY this delicious recipe for diabetic Christmas cake.

All you need is loaf

CL Food
STRAWBERRIES are looking particularly good at the moment.

Asparagus and mint coleslaw

CL Food
THIS week’s column is about to set the record straight.

Cardamom cooking

CL Food
CARDAMOM is one of the crown jewels of the spice world.

Christmas slice

 Food - CSIRO Christmas fruit mince slice.
THIS easy Christmas slice has just six ingredients and will be a sure crowd pleaser.

Cooking with figs

CL Food
FIGS are one of the true joys of the warmer months.

Taste test Best mince pies revealed

Mince pies taste test
FOOD critics munching on Christmas fruit mince pies have rated some of the cheapest on the market as best buys.

Lemon treacle tart

Sydney Taste restaurant review
THIS zesty lemon treacle tart has a unique flavour, created with the combination of lemon marmalade, golden syrup and cream.

How to cook with cinnamon

CL Food
CINNAMON is one of the world’s most widely used spices.

Chicken dinner

Chicken dinner
TRY this simple recipe for a delicious chicken dinner.

How to make lamb salad

CL Food
THERE’S no excuse for not including salad in your diet any time of the year.

Bad to good Taste sensation in the pink

Taste sensation in the pink
A MURRAY River company is surfing a gastronomic wave by mining the river’s most feared ingredient, salt.

How to cook consummate cauli

CL Food
GOOD old reliable cauliflower — it’s one of those vegetables that you either love of hate.

Exclusive Cane toads on the menu

Cane Toad
A CANE toad invasion pushing south towards Sydney could be halted by adding the ugly critters to restaurant menus.

Chilled carrot cupcakes and treats

Jeremy Vincent CL Food
CARROTS are one of the most common vegetables around.

How to cook roast lamb

Jeremy Vincent CL Food
YOU may have cooked lamb on many occasions but still find cooking a whole leg intimidating.

Heinz recalls canned beetroot

 03/05/2007: 03/05/2007: 21 Dec 2005 Golden Circle cannery - New equipment in the high speed packing plant PicBruce/Long conv...
HJ Heinz has recalled Golden Circle Beetroot Slices due to the potential for microbial growth.

Make your own chocolate bites

Jeremy Vincent CL Food
ALMONDS are one of the great assets of the kitchen, used in both sweet and savoury cooking.

Flippin’ heck Australian pancake recipe goes viral

Australian pancake recipe goes viral
AN AUSSIE pancake recipe has gone viral in the most unexpected way.

Make your own tahini

Jeremy Vincent CL Food
TAHINI, or sesame seed paste, is a staple of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cooking.

Bake it to make it

Jeremy Vincent CL Food
RICOTTA is an Italian curd cheese. Made from whey, it is traditionally a byproduct of making cheeses such as mozzarella.

What to eat for breakfast

Jeremy Vincent CL Food
BREAKFAST can be a rushed affair during the week.
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Property deal setback

DAIRY: Aaron Thomas on farm at Binginwarri.

SOUTHWEST Victorian dairy farmers will have to wait to learn if they have sold their properties to a foreign-backed investor.

Alderuccio joins AFL CM

2015 Australian Open - Previews

DAVID Alderuccio has been appointed AFL Central Murray’s inaugural regional operations manager.

Costa Group up for sale

Frank Costa. Geelong

AUSTRALIA’S largest private fruit and vegetable producer, Costa Group, is up for sale.