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Good stewardship pays

I SPENT a recent rainy Sunday morning in the kitchen cooking up a stew for later in the week.

Recipe of the Week

Zucchini slice

Zucchini slice
ZUCCHINI slice is a healthy, protein-packed snack that can keep you satisfied between meals.

More Food

Persimmon perfection

THE persimmon is definitely one of the more esoteric finds in the stores and farmers’ markets at this time of the year.

Spinach and cheese squares

 Cafe Morucci at broadway. A spinach and ricotta quiche in a napolli sauce. 16/1/01. Picture: john Appleyard
WITH eight ingredients and just six steps, readers can have themselves a healthy and tasty snack.

Rabbit, so versatile

Jeremy Vincent - Food for CL
DESPITE what some critics say, domestic rabbit meat does not taste gamey or wild.

Spice it up with coriander

Country Living FOOD PAGE
CORIANDER is one of those herbs you either love or hate.

Chocolate brownies

Chocolate brownies
BROWNIES are a decadent treat, ideal for bringing along to a dinner party or morning tea.

Shortbread a longtime favourite

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AS LONG as you have butter, sugar, flour and salt, you can make one of the most beloved, classic biscuits.

Fried haloumi

 DT FOODHOLD...28/5/03...Neil Perry, Holoumi Bread Salad, pan fry Haloumi.........Pic Jim Trifyllis.....
TRY this recipe for fried haloumi.

Making the most of mince

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MINCED meat is one of the most versatile ingredients around.

Sweet victory for Aussie Anzacs

Sweet victory for Aussie Anzacs
AUSTRALIAN Anzac biscuits have beaten out New Zealand Anzac biscuits in a blind tasting, thanks to extra sugar.

Pho the love of soup

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AUTUMN is a great time to start to explore the warming world of soups.

Coffee meringue roll

Coffee meringue roll
WHIP up this delicious coffee meringue roll.

Risoni, so versatile

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SMALL pasta called risoni, riso or orzo, is often used to thicken soups and add a little body to casseroles.

Banana and rhubarb pie

Banana and rhubarb pie
RHUBARB and banana is an unusual combination but it works well in this pie recipe.

Tasty potato salad

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MY LOCAL supermarket has several ready-made potato salads in the deli section.

Lamb shanks

THIS recipe for lamb shanks will warm you up as the weather gets cooler.

Cooking with tinned crabmeat

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I AM a great believer in not making things harder than they need to be in the kitchen.

Mango in many ways

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AS WE say goodbye to another summer, we also say goodbye to an abundance of some of the best seasonal produce.

Sweet melon magic

CL Jeremy Vincent Food
ONE of the joys of warm-weather eating is a piece of fresh cantaloupe (also called rock melon) straight from the fridge.

Frittatas fit for frivolity

CL Jeremy Vincent Food
FRITTATAS are easy food all year round, and are especially suited to the warm summer nights.

Coconut ice slab

Coconut ice slab
THIS iced coconut slab is simple to make and tastes delicious.

Quail a game changer

CL Jeremy Vincent Food
NEVER tried game before? Perhaps you thought it was too difficult to cook, but it’s not.

Lemon snow

 Image from Jane Kennedy's book 'Fabulous Food minus the Boombah'. Apple and lemon snow.
THIS delicious recipe for lemon snow is an ideal summer dessert.

How to make ice cream

CL Jeremy Vincent Food
SUMMER and ice cream go hand in hand. These days an ice cream machine is in regular use in many homes.

Neil and Valerie’s soup

 FAMILY FOOD .. Girl Drinking from Soup Bowl
TRY this delicious soup recipe.

Tasty tomatoes, take it as red

CL Jeremy Vincent Food
IT’S often the simple things that give the best pleasure at the table.

The stickiest of treats

CL Jeremy Vincent Food
IN RECENT times, caramel, and in particular salted caramel, has become one of the trendy flavours.

How to cook chicken fingers

CL Jeremy Vincent Food
FOR the sake of our health we don’t want to eat deep-fried food every day.

Candy’s banana cake

Global kitchen Pat Mulley
WHEN bananas get a little old they can make the perfect base for a moist, flavoursome cake.

Loving it in the raw

CL Jeremy Vincent Food
WHILE raw fish may seem to be a strange dinner choice, it is quite delicious when prepared properly.

RSPCA gone to the dogs

 Artwork - RSPCA logo.

FARMING leaders believe trust in the RSPCA has eroded to new lows.

The greatest league of all

WorkSafe Country Championships, Goulburn Valley FL V Geelong FL

GEELONG Football League faces another rematch in the Worksafe Country Championships next year.

EU market share safe

myrtleford cattle sale

AUSTRALIA is likely to keep its $280 million share of the European Union beef market.

Versatile range gaining traction

Versatile range gaining traction

THERE is no replacement for displacement and as the demand for more power increases, tracked tractors gain popularity.