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11:16PM (AEST)

Almost 4000 rescued off Italy in a weekend

ITALIAN navy officials rescued 3866 undocumented migrants in boats sailing between Sicily and the North African coast over the past weekend. Read more

11:16PM (AEST)

Policeman charged over Sydney robbery

A SUSPENDED police officer is one of three men charged over an attempted robbery in Sydney's west. Read more

10:46PM (AEST)

Iggy Azalea climbs back up album charts

IGGY Azalea is enjoying a resurgence in the album charts after her MTV Video Music Awards performance in California. Read more

10:15PM (AEST)

Gammy case raised in adoption debate

LABOR has raised the commercial surrogacy case of baby Gammy, calling for safeguards in a government adoption bill before parliament. Read more

9:26PM (AEST)

ARENA heads for Senate showdown

AN agency the government says was merely set up to satisfy the political whims of the Australian Greens is being sent to the upper house to be closed. Read more

9:17PM (AEST)

Germany to send weapons to Iraqi Kurds

GERMANY'S defence ministry says the country will send anti-tank rocket launchers, rifles and hand grenades to support Iraqi Kurds battling IS in Iraq. Read more

8:30PM (AEST)

Zara back in saddle for World Games

ZARA Phillips has competed at the World Equestrian Games in France, just seven months after the birth of her daughter Mia. Read more

7:31PM (AEST)

Feminism pushed child abuse reform: report

THE women's rights movements played a key role in raising awareness about the extent and impact of child sexual abuse, a report says. Read more

7:21PM (AEST)

ICAC hears of betrayal in Labor's ranks

FORMER senior Labor figures have appeared before the NSW corruption watchdog to wrest the unwanted limelight away from Liberal MPs. Read more

6:44PM (AEST)

Bishop offers intel to help find UN troops

FOREIGN Minister Julie Bishop has spoken with a concerned UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon about the kidnapping of 44 UN peacekeepers in Syria. Read more

6:42PM (AEST)

Batts bureaucrats could face repercussions

THE royal commission into the Rudd government's deadly home insulation program has flagged possible action against the public servants responsible. Read more

6:21PM (AEST)

WA barrister sorry for school quiz remarks

A PERTH barrister who made controversial remarks while acting as MC at a primary school quiz night has defended his comments. Read more

6:18PM (AEST)

Unions inquiry spooks jailed MMA fighter

AN imprisoned MMA fighter has told the trade union royal commission that he's being as truthful as he can be, due to concerns about his family. Read more

6:18PM (AEST)

Vic man charged over fatal hit-and-run

A 46-YEAR-OLD man has been charged over a fatal hit-and-run where a taxi driver was struck by a car in Melbourne. Read more

5:51PM (AEST)

Former refugee sworn in as SA governor

SOUTH Australia's new governor, Hieu Van Le, says his appointment represents an acknowledgment of all refugees. Read more

5:49PM (AEST)

Abbott lays out Iraq strategy

AUSTRALIA needs to play a role in stopping the Islamic State 'death cult', but the role will be measured and humanitarian, says Tony Abbott. Read more

5:41PM (AEST)

SA native title bid 18 years in the making

THE federal court has handed down a ruling in what's been described as one of the most complex native title claims in South Australian history. Read more

5:28PM (AEST)

Fiji 'progressing well' towards election

JULIE Bishop has been impressed by the number of voters registering to cast a ballot in Fiji's upcoming poll, the first in nearly 10 years. Read more

5:28PM (AEST)

Veteran fights over matters of the heart

A VISA request for the Thai fiancee of an Australian indigenous war veteran has been rejected, despite backing by former senator Fred Chaney. Read more

5:28PM (AEST)

Telstra reveals extent of data requests

TELSTRA handed government agencies nearly 85,000 customer records in the 2014 financial year, its first full-year transparency report reveals. Read more

4:51PM (AEST)

Two men in WA ocean rescue in hospital

TWO men aged in their 30s are in hospital, one of them is in a critical condition, after being rescued from WA waters. Read more

4:19PM (AEST)

NSW farmers win case against Santos

SANTOS has until the end of October to provide water monitoring data and documents to a farming group in northwest NSW. Read more

4:19PM (AEST)

NZ stocks ease amid election uncertainty

THE NZX 50 Index has eased 0.2 per cent on thin turnover, as pre-election uncertainty weighed on investors' minds. Read more

4:03PM (AEST)

Noni B poised to outline future plans

SHARES in troubled fashion retailer Noni B have been halted from trade ahead of an expected announcement about the company's future. Read more

4:03PM (AEST)

Lower prices hurt mining profits

LOWER commodity prices have delivered a big hit to profits from Australia's mining sector during the final three months of the 2013/14 financial year. Read more

4:00PM (AEST)

Kiwi rises as terms of trade stay high

DESPITE dwindling risk appetite, the New Zealand dollar has rallied on better-than-expected terms of trade. Read more

3:47PM (AEST)

Billy Connolly feels 'stronger than ever'

BILLY Connolly has come out the other side of a hard few months, after he was diagnosed with prostate cancer and Parkinson's disease on the same day. Read more

3:47PM (AEST)

GP's drug typo leaves man dead

AN elderly NZ man died after he was accidentally prescribed a toxic dose of a powerful arthritis drug. Read more

3:47PM (AEST)

Figures suggest solid GDP rise

BUSINESS inventories and company profits figures on Monday suggest a solid, if unspectaclar, rise in GDP for the June quarter, due Wednesday. Read more

3:44PM (AEST)

Truck hits, kills Vic man beside car

A TRUCK has struck and killed a man who was standing next to a car on a major Melbourne freeway. Read more

3:38PM (AEST)

Eating disorders top 1m across nation

ACROSS Australia one million people suffer from eating disorders and many don't seek help for years, while funding for health programs is threadbare. Read more

3:38PM (AEST)

Airbus plans virtual cockpit experience

AIRBUS passengers may one day be able to make a virtual visit to the cockpit. Since 9/11 passengers have not been welcome in the pilot's inner sanctum. Read more

3:08PM (AEST)

Bill shock measures extended to all telcos

USAGE alerts provided to Telstra, Optus and Vodafone customers to help them avoid "bill shock" will now also be sent to customers of smaller operators. Read more

3:02PM (AEST)

Victorian councils want to set own rates

THE Municipal Association of Victoria wants whichever party wins the November state election to respect councils' financial autonomy. Read more

2:18PM (AEST)

Fellow hang-glider shocked by mate's death

A FRIEND and employer of Adam Parer, who died in a hang-gliding crash in Newcastle on Sunday, says a sudden manoeuvre may have caused the crash. Read more

2:17PM (AEST)

Celebrity chef charged with DUI

AMERICAN celebrity chef Todd English has been arrested for drink-driving. Read more

2:17PM (AEST)

Sydney hospital hosts major cancer trial

THERE'S hope that a drug used to treat a parasitic disease could also help children with cancer. Read more

2:17PM (AEST)

Labor ministers' role in pink batts

A ROYAL commission report sheds light on the role of three key Labor government figures in the botched insulation scheme. Read more

2:17PM (AEST)

Shaw apology must be sincere: Vic premier

MP Geoff Shaw must be sincere in his apology to parliament and in comments made elsewhere or he risks being held in contempt, Premier Denis Napthine says. Read more

2:17PM (AEST)

WA one-punch accused to plead self defence

A MAN charged with the manslaughter of an Irishman after a one-punch assault in Perth's entertainment district will say he acted in self defence. Read more

2:13PM (AEST)

Developers fund Fed Square East: Vic govt

THE Victorian government says proposals for developing Federation Square East must cover the cost of the entire project, including a roof over rail lines. Read more

2:09PM (AEST)

Women who get HPV vaccine still need tests

RESEARCH shows women who have received the HPV vaccine are less likely to get tested for cervical cancer. Read more

1:44PM (AEST)

Plant a little happiness on your desk

THE first long-term study on the impact of keeping plants in the office has found they help convince workers their bosses care for them. Read more

1:39PM (AEST)

Insulation report shows 'dysfunction': PM

THE federal government will respond to a royal commission report into the botched insulation scheme by the end of the month. Read more

12:35PM (AEST)

No parliament debate on Iraq involvement

THE coalition and the opposition have joined to block attempts to bring on debate on Australia's involvement in Iraq. Read more

12:18PM (AEST)

NSW top cop calls for ice action plan

NSW Police commissioner Andrew Scipione says Australia must 'stomp' on the ice epidemic that is destroying families and communities around the nation. Read more

12:16PM (AEST)

Stocks to watch on Monday

STOCKS of interest on the Australian Securities Exchange at noon on Monday Read more

12:12PM (AEST)

Sheen speaks out after Aussie arrested

HOLLYWOOD star Charlie Sheen has slammed Danish authorities after 14 activists, including an Australian woman, were arrested trying to stop a dolphin kill. Read more

11:45AM (AEST)

Coalition tensions mount on wheat exports

WA Liberals want full deregulation of port access for bulk wheat exports but east coast coalition MPs favour retaining regulation to keep fees in check. Read more

11:10AM (AEST)

Israel calls on region to rebuild Gaza

THE Israeli finance minister says his country should work together with Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Gulf countries to rebuild the Gaza Strip and disarm Hamas. Read more

11:06AM (AEST)

House prices - strongest winter in 7 years

HOUSING prices had their strongest winter in seven years, according to the RP Data CoreLogic index, and RP Data's Tim Lawless says they'll likely go higher. Read more

11:06AM (AEST)

A better toothbrush starts in the garage

YOU might have a great invention but it can sometimes be a battle to get stores to set aside shelf space for your product. Read more

10:57AM (AEST)

Secret US plan trained Alaskans for attack

DECLASSIFIED Air Force and FBI documents show the US recruited civilians in Alaska as part of a stay-behind agent program. Read more

10:55AM (AEST)

NZ terms of trade at new 40-year high

NEW Zealand's terms of trade continued to rise in the second quarter but are expected to fall. Read more

10:43AM (AEST)

Inflation beginning to slow

PRICE rises in the past two months have been subdued or non-existent, which should allow the Reserve Bank to keep the cash rate unchanged. Read more

10:25AM (AEST)

Genetic disorder often misdiagnosed

A BRITISH woman with CMT spent most of her teenage years believing that she would die young after she was diagnosed with the wrong disease. Read more

10:20AM (AEST)

Weird compensation offers revealed

GESTURES such as offering a a fruit cake or a book of stamps are some weird examples of how companies try to cheer up disgruntled customers. Read more

10:20AM (AEST)

Ten's Sunday night movie hits the slot

SCREENING Sunday night movies has brought success for Network Ten, delivering a top 10 spot in the latest TV ratings. Read more

10:14AM (AEST)

Imports weigh on manufacturing activity

MANUFACTURING activity has failed to record a second consecutive month of expansion as competition from imports hurts the sector. Read more

10:14AM (AEST)

Small business women struggle to get loans

FEMALE business owners still find it hard to get loans and in some US states still require husband or male relatives to co-sign the loans. Read more

10:14AM (AEST)

Missing million Scots urged to vote

SCOTS have just 24-hours to register for the historic September 18 independence referendum to take part in Scotland's date with destiny. Read more

10:14AM (AEST)

Celebs exposed in huge nude photo leak

AUSSIE model Teresa Palmer is among a long list of celebrities who have been exposed online as actress Jennifer Lawrence confirms the photos are real. Read more

10:14AM (AEST)

New program to aid knee assessments

THE number of knee replacement surgeries being performed has skyrocketed due to an ageing population, obesity and younger people having the surgery. Read more

10:03AM (AEST)

UK Speaker to discuss Australian clerk row

BRITISH parliamentary Speaker John Bercow is expected to address MPs over the choice of Australian Carol Mills for the clerk of the House role. Read more

9:56AM (AEST)

Germany's anti-euro party wins first seat

GERMANY'S anti-euro party has won its first seats in the eastern state of Saxony, creating a problem for German Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives. Read more

9:27AM (AEST)

Swan disputes PM's 'we saved Aust' comment

FORMER treasurer Wayne Swan has released a letter from the head of treasury praising Labor for its efforts during the global financial crisis. Read more

9:22AM (AEST)

Bad weather causing havoc in US

TORRENTIAL rain, thunder and lightning have interrupted US Labor Day weekend celebrations, affecting flights, the US Open and musical events. Read more

9:22AM (AEST)

APN may list local unit on NZX

APN is reviewing strategic options which include listing its New Zealand business on the NZX. Read more

9:22AM (AEST)

Hotels get surcharge happy

THE list of extra charges that US hotels and other holiday expenses are asking for are getting longer. Read more

8:33AM (AEST)

NSW coalition leads ALP despite ICAC: poll

A NEWSPOLL puts the NSW coalition ahead of Labor 54 per cent to 46 per cent on a two-party-preferred basis. Read more

8:24AM (AEST)

Suspect drunk driver rear-ends police car

A 60-YEAR-OLD man is facing charges after driving into the back of a parked police car in Melbourne. Read more

8:07AM (AEST)

US credit card late payments fall

US banks are continuing to extend credit to people with not very good credit records but Americans are getting better at paying down their debts. Read more

7:50AM (AEST)

Finance News Update, what you need to know

FINANCE News Update, what you need to know. Read more

7:50AM (AEST)

Brierley sells more of GPG

FOUNDER Sir Ron Brierley has sold $A2.7 million of his shareholding of Guinness Peat Group leaving him with about 1.2 per cent of voting rights. Read more

7:50AM (AEST)

Copper up after brighter US data

COPPER futures are higher and aluminum finished at an 18-month high after the release of some strong US manufacturing data. Read more

7:50AM (AEST)

Palladium prices climb to 13-year high

PALLADIUM prices rose to a 13 year high on fears that supplies of the metal will dry up because of trade sanctions against Russia. Read more

7:50AM (AEST)

Teens airlifted from Blue Mountains

A 16-YEAR-OLD girl and an 18-year-old man have been airlifted to safety after being stranded for the night in the Blue Mountains. Read more

7:50AM (AEST)

World News Update, what you need to know

WORLD News Update, what you need to know Read more

7:16AM (AEST)

Australia and NZ 'learning from adversity'

THE Australian emergency workers who helped in the aftermath of the Christchurch earthquake in 2011 are heading back to New Zealand. Read more

4:52AM (AEST)

No vaccine, illness link: Colombian leader

GIRLS in in the northern Colombian city of El Carmen de Bolivar have complained of symptoms such as fainting, headaches and numbness in the hands. Read more

3:40AM (AEST)

US truck overturns, spilling bags of cash

US police say an armoured truck has overturned, with money stored in clear plastic bags and white canvas duffel bags spilling out of the vehicle. Read more

2:04AM (AEST)

Militia takes over US compound in Libya

THE Dawn of Libya militia group says it has taken control of a US embassy compound in Tripoli. Read more

2:03AM (AEST)

Pacific islands leaders in Samoa for talks

FOREIGN Minister Julie Bishop has travelled to Apia, Samoa for the third UN Small Island Developing States conference. Read more


10:32PM (AEST)

Parents of UK boy to face Spain judge

THE parents of a five-year-old British boy with a brain tumour who was taken from hospital without medical consent, have been arrested in Spain. Read more

6:31PM (AEST)

Vic Labor to make bad power companies pay

VICTORIAN energy companies would be named and shamed and face increased fines for breaking consumer laws under a Labor government. Read more

5:58PM (AEST)

Airlift, but no troops request, says PM

PRIME Minister Tony Abbott has played down concerns troops could be sent to Iraq, after announcing Australia's involvement in military airlifts. Read more

4:01PM (AEST)

NSW angler deaths spark life jacket debate

THE death of two rock fishermen in a week on NSW's coast has reignited calls for mandatory life jackets. Read more

2:03PM (AEST)

Rayney POI charged after alleged attack

A MAN named as a possible person of interest during Lloyd Rayney's trial for the murder of his wife Corryn, stands accused of assaulting a Perth woman. Read more

1:51PM (AEST)

Qld to pass carbon savings to commuters

QUEENSLAND'S government is offering commuters cheaper fares or more services after saving $30 million on transport when the carbon tax was scrapped. Read more

1:49PM (AEST)

Iraq likely to dominate parliament

DESPITE important budget legislation coming before the parliament, Iraq could dominate attention in the nation's capital. Read more

1:38PM (AEST)

Vic cab driver crushed to death

A CABBIE has been fatally crushed between two cars after a minor accident and an elderly woman has died after being hit by a car on Melbourne's roads. Read more

1:10PM (AEST)

All UN peacekeepers in Golan released

ALL 75 Filipino troops serving as UN peacekeepers in the Golan Heights are now free after being held by Syrian rebels. Read more

12:54PM (AEST)

Tunisia recovers 41 drowned refugees

AT least 41 bodies of drowned migrants, most from war-torn Syria, have been recovered by the Tunisian Coast Guard. Read more

12:54PM (AEST)

Man arrested after pool-y executed escape

A 20-YEAR-OLD Perth man has been charged after he jumped a fence to escape police only to land in a backyard pool. Read more

11:46AM (AEST)

Melb woman charged after CBD bomb hoax

A WOMAN has been charged after a bomb hoax caused Melbourne's major retailers to evacuate the Bourke Street mall on Saturday. Read more

11:40AM (AEST)

Sanction Putin over Ukraine: Plibersek

THE international community must act against Putin for Russian troops entering Ukraine, Labor says. Read more

11:38AM (AEST)

Morwell to get answers on 45-day mine fire

THE findings of an inquiry into a Victorian mine fire that burnt for 45 days are due to be released this week. Read more

11:34AM (AEST)

Ariana Grande debuts at No 1 on ARIA

ARIANA Grande has debuted at No 1 in the ARIA charts with her second album My Everything. Read more

11:34AM (AEST)

Teenage bus passenger indecently assaulted

POLICE have charged a man over the indecent assault of a teenage girl on a bus in Sydney's west. Read more

11:09AM (AEST)

Fighter War Machine extradited on assault

MIXED martial arts fighter and former porn actor "War Machine" has been charged with assaulting his ex-porn actress girlfriend. Read more

10:32AM (AEST)

Morrison optimistic of TPV support

IMMIGRATION Minister Scott Morrison is optimistic about the chances of reintroducing temporary protection visas following talks with crossbenchers. Read more

10:03AM (AEST)

Fighter War Machine extradited to Nevada

MIX martial arts fighter War Machine is facing charges that he assaulted his porn star ex-girlfriend and her male friend. Read more

9:45AM (AEST)

Jolie puts spotlight on Syrian refugees

ANGELINA Jolie has used her first post-wedding statement to raise awareness of the plight of Syrian refugees. Read more

9:38AM (AEST)

Taylor Swift's Shake It Off tops ARIAs

TAYLOR Swift has topped the ARIA Singles chart with Shake It Off, a song that's also gone number one in NZ and the US. Read more

9:33AM (AEST)

Miley Cyrus: 'Elvis Presley twerked'

MILEY Cyrus says Elvis Presley danced provocatively but got away with it because he was a man. Read more

9:30AM (AEST)

Sunbeds increase skin cancer risk

PEOPLE who regularly used a sunbed are 90 per cent more likely to develop the second most common type of skin cancer. Read more

9:09AM (AEST)

Man attacked in Sydney inner-city street

POLICE are searching for a group of men who stabbed a 64-year-old on a Sydney street. Read more

7:56AM (AEST)

Liberia slum residents hail quarantine end

HUNDREDS of residents of West Point have celebrated a Liberian government announcement that lifts a 10-day Ebola quarantine of the township. Read more

7:21AM (AEST)

Rebuilding Gaza will take 20 years: group

SHELTER Cluster says 17,000 Gaza housing units were destroyed or severely damaged during almost two months of fighting between Hamas and Israel. Read more

6:58AM (AEST)

First beach diggers strike gold in UK

THREE people have found gold after a German artist buried pieces of the metal on a British beach as part of the Folkestone Digs project. Read more

3:40AM (AEST)

Australia's terror alert remains medium

THE attorney-general says Australia's terror alert will remain at medium but will be increased to high if intelligence suggests an attack is likely. Read more

#FTA4dairy kicks off

#FTA4dairy kicks off

DAIRY farmers today launched a #FTA4dairy “selfie” campaign to help secure a China-Australia FTA.

WEG riders on road to Rio


AUSTRALIA’S dressage riders have secured a team place at the Olympic Games at Rio in 2016.

Vic farmers feeling flat

Haywards of Locksley Wines

VICTORIAN farmers’ confidence eased this quarter, citing concerns about the agricultural economy.

Lighter combines in new design

Lighter combines in new design

AMONG the current crop of updated harvesters is the Gleaner S8 Super Series combines.

Steve bends the rules

Steve bends the rules

THERE was no crisis or yearning for a creative outlet that triggered Steve Tobin’s career change.

Editor’s letter: August 2014

Natalee Ward. Weekly Times. HWT staff.

IN case you’ve ever wondered how important branding is, you only have to listen to Rita Bikins from Red Rock Olive oil at Pomonal to know the truth.