Last Updated: July 08, 2015

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Lakes Oil seeks permission to drill

A VICTORIAN oil company wants an exemption from the government ban on onshore gas so it can drill in southwest Victoria.

VFF poll bemuses members

 VFF Annual Conference.

THE VFF has asked its members what they think about unconventional gas exploration and mining.

Recoil on gun-law change

Recoil on gun-law change

VICTORIA’S hunting community met in a show of strength at Parliament House in Melbourne.

Harvard harmed burial sites

Flags at Parliament House

US university Harvard dug up Aboriginal burial sites on a Riverina property, according to the NSW Government.

Akubra sheds Aussie rabbit skin

Supplied Editorial Akubra

AUSTRALIA’s iconic Akubra brand will ditch its Australian rabbit skin suppliers from next month.

No volunteers in Fiskville inquiry

CFA Fiskville cancer story. Main entrance sign with 'Hazchem' warning.

EXCLUSIVE: CFA volunteers who trained at Fiskville between 1971 and 1999 were excluded from a health study.

Fiskville firey living with anxiety

Fiskville firey living with anxiety

VOLUNTEER firefighter Robin Ransome, of Red Cliffs, attended a training course at Fiskville in 1970s.

MPs lend an ear to MDBA critics

PEOPLE who live in the Murray-Darling Basin catchment will today finally have the ear of politicians.

One-cop stations left empty

TSV Generic Emergency Services

SINGLE officer police stations across Victoria have been left empty because of an anti-terrorism policy.

$A could hit US70c

$A could hit US70c

A FALTERING Chinese economy could mean the Australian dollar could go below US70c.

Global glut hits home

Global glut hits home

THE horror run for global dairy markets has continued.

Ex-Swans executive’s rare Mad Cow disease

Frank Burton Mad Cow Disease

A FORMER Sydney Swans executive is fighting for life in hospital after contracting a rare form of Mad Cow’s disease but nobody knows how he got infected.

Boy saves baby brother

Generic geelong photos

A YOUNG boy has alerted his parents after he and his baby brother were affected by a carbon monoxide build-up aboard a boat in country Victoria.

Waitress indecently assaulted in CBD

Waitress indecently assaulted in CBD

THE LOOP: A WAITRESS has been indecently assaulted as she mopped the floor at a city fast food outlet. Tap for the latest.

Abbott’s Q&A boycott sparks criticism

Abbott’s Q&A boycott sparks criticism

THE Abbott Government’s attempt to boycott Q&A appears to have backfired with panellists and audience members criticising the move.

Brace for big chill to hang around

cold weather

A winter chill has officially set in with icy temperatures set to continue and ski resorts preparing for a snow dumping.

Cancer is in the jeans

Cancer is in the jeans

OFFICIALS have had almost 18 months to act on clothing contaminated with a cancer-causing dye but it could be ­November before the items are banned or deemed safe for Aussie consumers.

’Life is short and you only live once’

Funeral of Archie Hunt

IN a heartbreaking eulogy, the father of a teenager Archie Hunt, killed in a fall at the QVB, has implored everyone at the service to tell their children they love them because tragedy can strike at any time.

50 girls ‘raped in school dungeon’

Girls Home Dungeon Tour

ALMOST 50 women have come forward to tell detectives they were allegedly raped and sexually assaulted at a former Sydney girls’ school, many in the school’s notorious sandstone dungeon.

The village in paradise choked by our rubbish

Bali Rubbish

IT may be home to yoga retreats and luxury resorts but just outside this Aussie holiday haven is a sight that will make tourists cringe.

’Abhorrent’ parents use kids as drug mules

’Abhorrent’ parents use kids as drug mules

ICE-dealing parents have been caught using their primary school-aged children as ’concierges’ at homes in a NSW country town during an unprecedented rural drug sting.

The unusual skills needed to be a royal nanny

The Christening Of Princess Charlotte Of Cambridge

THE brown uniform might have been a fashion fail, but don’t mess with the British royal nanny. You’d be surprised what nanny school taught her (and it’s not smacking).

’I’d take ice daily if I could afford it’

Tent City

Belmore Park - that gritty city green patch that stares across at Central Station long renowned for its downtrodden. Now it has permanent residents - and the council has no problem with that. There are 36 tents, inhabitants such as Red (pictured) battling the scourge of drug addiction and any number of social problems.

‘The doctor said it was quite common’

‘The doctor said it was quite common’

WHEN Summer’s stomach hurt and she started doing “black poos”, her mum took her to the hospital. She was discharged not once, but twice - and it was the beginning of a nightmare for this Queensland family.

The restaurant where your kids aren’t welcome

Flynns Restraunt Yungaburra, Owner Liam And Resturaunt Manager Sonia Tymecka In The New Renovations

CHILDREN are no longer welcome at an up-market Queensland restaurant, and it’s all because of a recent fiery confrontation with a family that proved to be the final straw.

Mass sackings tell on radio ratings

State Funeral For Nancy Bird-Walton Takes Place In Sydney

IN the first radio ratings survey covering the new line-up at Brisbane’s 4BC, listeners have spoken about what they think of the changes.

Multiple dogs dead after beach visit

Multiple dogs dead after beach visit

AT least five dogs have mysteriously died after visiting a Queensland beach, sparking an urgent investigation.

Why Customs stopped this man

Why Customs stopped this man

A TERROR suspect was detained at Brisbane International Airport after concealed knives were found in his luggage. But that wasn’t all that raised eyebrows.

Restaurant closed after fried rice find

Fried rice at Wah Hing

A POPULAR Chinese restaurant in Brisbane has been shut down after a diner found this in her fried rice. The trouble is, she’d already swallowed it — and suffered severe throat trauma as a result.

Man charged over Outback killing

Supplied Editorial Danny Ferguson, 35, who is being sought by police over a woman's murder in Oodnadatta. Picture: S

POLICE have charged a man in Outback South Australia over the alleged murder of a woman at Oodnadatta.

Dad faces jail over vigilante attack on child abuser

THINKSTOCK - Robbery, Knife

AN enraged Adelaide father slashed a child sex abuser’s Achilles tendons and left him naked in the bush to die in a vigilante attack prompted by the alleged molestation of his daughter, a court has heard.

Four armed hold-ups may be linked to East Tce siege


POLICE believe four hold-ups at gunpoint across Adelaide could be linked to an 11-hour siege on East Tce, in which a man was shot.

Road spikes hidden on popular SA camping road

Road spikes hidden on popular SA camping road

TRACKS to a popular SA camping and fishing spot have been laced with homemade road spikes, ripping tyres to shreds amid fears it could lead to tragedy. SEE THE PICS

Walsh family: ‘How much we miss him is beyond measure’

Walsh family: ‘How much we miss him is beyond measure’

THE family of former Crows coach Phil Walsh have spoken about the heartbreak of his death, saying their lives will “never be the same”.

What brave victim told this rapist

Scott Belcher

A UNIVERSITY student who was raped by her privately educated friend defiantly faced him in court to tell him how his crime had changed her life forever.

Woman ‘dragged’ in violent bag snatch

Pool shoot with robbery victim

A PERTH mother says she feels violated after a man dragged her along the ground during a violent bag-snatch robbery in Perth’s northern suburbs.

Luxury apartments luring West Aussies


THEY’RE dubbed “the boys” — a pair of French mates who rent out high-end apartments, cornering the WA market and making famous friends in the process.

Tiny Pinder, 59, to fight 1987 sex charge

At /Campbelltown court, former basketballer Kendal 'Tiny' Pinder on sex charges. P/ crime nsw alleged rape of 18yr old at his...

FORMER Wildcats basketballer Kendal “Tiny” Pinder intends to plead not guilty to a historical sex charge, a Perth court has heard.

Cop car rammed in 140km/h police chase

Cop car rammed in 140km/h police chase

A MAN was arrested over an alleged 140km/h chase in suburban Perth overnight that only stopped after he rammed a police vehicle.

Hedge maze opens after six years in making

Breaking News Breaking News The Maze Bullsbrook new hedge maze

SIX years after planting 1252 seeds, Perth’s newest school holiday attraction opens.

Saba’s parents 'massively relieved’

SABA’S parents say it’s a “massive relief” the legal battle is over and they can now focus on giving her the care she needs.

Renewed call for safer police patrols

Tasmania Police large-scale anti-drug operation in Hobart's Elizabeth Mall, police patrols in the mall

THE Police Association of Tasmania has called for the urgent implementation of safety response patrols after the shooting of an officer in Victoria.

Ice sensors aim to ease crash peril

<assignment name>

FREEZING weather has prompted a road safety warning about the perils of black ice.

Even more heroes in a half shell


THE Australian Fisheries Management Authority has great news for scallop lovers.

Police target fatal five on Tassie roads


TASMANIA Police officers will be out in force tonight for a 24-hour blitz targeting traffic offences.

Dig for long-lost Lucille begins

Dig for long-lost Lucille begins

POLICE forensic teams have begun excavating outside Granton in a search for clues to the 1969 disappearance of ­Lucille Butterworth.

Hospitals’ ice violence

White paper reaction

A GROWING number of ice-affected patients has led to episodes of uncontrollable, unpredictable and violent behaviour in the state’s hospitals.

Prize buffaloes shot and killed

Prize buffaloes shot and killed

A RUM Jungle Buffalo farm was left devastated after two of their prized bovines were callously shot, and left to die a slow death.

Desert manhunt for violent rapist suspected of murder

Supplied Editorial Danny Ferguson, 35, who is being sought by police over a woman's murder in Oodnadatta. Picture: S

ABORIGINAL trackers are being used to hunt a convicted rapist suspected of murdering a mother near a remote town in South Australia’s Far North.

Charges in fatal Alice hit-and-run

Stolen Car Crash

A 27-YEAR-OLD woman has been charged with a raft of offences after a fatal hit-and-run in Alice Springs.

Bagot reopened after crash

Bagot reopened after crash

DARWIN’s Bagot Rd has been reopened after it was partially closed as the result of a two-car collision.

Confederate flag a winner at ball

Confederate flag a winner at ball

THE most senior Territory bureaucrat overseeing indigenous affairs won best-dressed man at the annual Beef Breeders Ball wearing a Confederate battle flag.

CLP heading for extinction

Giles Pressa

THE Country Liberals are on the verge of being wiped out forever in the Northern Territory, according to full polling figures obtained by the NT News.

Businessman leaves trail of debt

Avalon Development

A BUSINESSMAN spruiking sustainable farms at Lara owes hundreds of thousands of dollars to small businesses through personal and company-incurred debts.

Missing teens ‘found with woman’

Missing teens ‘found with woman’

POLICE said two Gold Coast teenagers, missing for four days, were “with an adult woman” when they were found in Gympie yesterday.

Yungaburra restaurant bans children


WHICH Far North restaurant has decided to ban children?

Shocking attack caught on video

Shocking attack caught on video

THIS shocking video wasn’t filmed on the gangland streets of LA. This brazen attack on a car stopped at a red light took place in Townsville.

Paper off the rails

Paper off the rails

THE Federal Government’s new vision for the nation’s farmers promises new projects to boost farm profits.

Clubs prepare for drug testing

Generic photo of addict holding syringe ready for injection of heroin in Sydney, 03/11/1995.

WARNING and education are needed before drug testing is introduced in community football, figures say.

Cows in ‘wow’ zone

Chopper dairy cows, Camperdown

STRONG cow prices will be here to stay as offerings have only one way to go and that’s down.

Hi-tech seeder’s savings promise

Hi-tech seeder’s savings promise

NEW seeding overlap control technology is now available on ­Morris 9 Series air carts.

Maremma the movie

COUNTRY LIVING: Maremma at Warrnambool

THE two Maremma dogs bound around the grassy enclosure, barking at thin air.

Chance of rare winter cyclone

Chance of rare winter cyclone

A TROPICAL low poses a risk of developing into a rare out-of-season cyclone in the Coral Sea.