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Gun flap half-cocked

 13/02/2003. Bob Pendergast, shooting his Benambra cattle injured in the Gippsland bushfires. He blames the ban on back burni...
THE recent hysteria about lever-action firearms and the apparent push to re-examine current legislation is unjustified.

Shearers as sportsmen, why not?

SHEARING as a national sport? Well if frisbee throwing and ferret legging can be called a sport, why not?

Finally a plan, now for action

Harvest pics grain
WHEN the Agriculture White Paper was proposed in 2013, it was to provide a “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity.

Box Flat massacre A day when no one spoke up

Duck hunting season opening 2015
IT was an orgy of killing, one of the worst wildlife massacres Victoria had ever known.

Subscriber Exclusive Time to reload on gun debate

Chris McLennan. Weekly Times Staff.
AUSTRALIA’S strict gun laws were going to be tested eventually, the only surprise is that it’s taken 19 years to happen.

CFA to face up to Fiskville

CFA to face up to Fiskville
THE Victorian CFA is prepared to face up to the outcomes of the Fiskville inquiry.

Gun laws Gun laws face a challenge

Gun laws face a challenge
THE seven-shot lever-action shotgun on our front page will shock some and delight others.

Rural services at risk

Rural Living Campaign
AN EROSION in funding levels is affecting council services.

Nats praised for marriage stance

Nats praised for marriage stance
DARREN Chester’s leadership on marriage equality has been inspiring, writes ANTHONY MAYER

Facing turbulence PM’s collision course

PM’s collision course
SAY what you like about the Federal Government, but you can’t say it doesn’t like a bit of turbulence.

The right to know the score

Hardwick Meat Processing plant at Kyneton. Lamb.
AUSTRALIA’s red meat industry has to demonstrate it can be trusted if it wants the respect of farmers.

Op-ed Wannon’s MP under siege

Wannon’s MP under siege
YOU have to feel for the federal member for Wannon, Dan Tehan.

A brand new outlook

1959 Penfolds Grange
THE great bastion of global agricultural branding, New Zealand, is on the ropes.

Chester defies Nats’ constitution

Chester defies Nats’ constitution
GIPPSLAND MP Darren Chester is being hailed a hero by some as the first Nationals MP to support same-sex marriage.

Consumers The truth about ‘free-range’ eggs

Six brown, free range eggs in a green papier mache egg box. Food. Generic image.
THINK you’re supporting happy hens when you shell out extra for eggs? ‘Free range’ isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

At last, it’s good news for wool

 Bio-clipping provides a more even length in the wool clip. John White.
IT’S been a long, long time coming — almost 25 years too long.

Get lively and listen

First live cattle export out of Townsville since the ban has been lifted. Picture: Radford-chisholm Scott
THE 1850s French economist Frederic Bastiat famously said “if goods don’t cross borders, then soldiers will”.

Unity over riverbank fencing

Unity over riverbank fencing
ENVIRONMENTALISTS and farmers are sometimes in opposing camps, but not when it comes to fencing off river banks.

Subscriber Exclusive RSPCA lost its friends in the bush

Weekly Times. Staff. Ed Gannon.
CWA, CFA, RSPCA. Three acronyms, three organisations that garner a fair bit of respect from the wider community.

Port fattened at rural expense

THE Victorian Farmers Federation will actively oppose the Labor Government’s sale of the Port of Melbourne lease.

RSPCA doggedly determined

 Live sheep wethers waiting to be loaded onto export ship Mukairisk Al Sades at Outer Harbor 18 May 2000. animals /Sheep
THE Australian RSPCA rose out of a need to improve the lives of the thousands of horses being worked to death.

Animals champion wanders off course

Tiny Kittens
BRIDGET McKenzie’s bid to strip the RSPCA of its Royal Warrant is another example of the organisation’s failures.

Subscriber Exclusive Deal a cow for China’s farmers

Weekly Times. Staff. Ed Gannon.
IT’S not often that we stop to consider the yin and yang of life.

RSPCA attacked RSPCA’s extreme tactics

 News / BCM / 23.12.04 '' RSPCA campaign with Cleanaway to
THE tide of public opinion is starting to turn on one of this nation’s oldest animal-welfare organisations, the RSPCA.

A blundering Budget

Weather Conargo January 23, 2015
THIS year’s federal Budget left Australia’s agriculture sector feeling understandably neglected and disappointed.

MLA hate fest unwarranted

Warrnambool store cattle market.
YOU could be forgiven for thinking beef producers would be optimistic as the industry enjoys its best prices ever.

Vic Nationals need new agenda

Ag Minister Peter Walsh - PRCV
“DO YOU really have to go to that? The Nationals are pretty irrelevant at the moment.”

Subscriber Exclusive China an opportunity for farmers

Weekly Times. Staff. Ed Gannon.
SORRY America, but China is now the land of opportunity. For our farmers, that is.

Program must go further

Program must go further
AFTER 18 months in government, the federal Coalition is paying for the promises it made in opposition.

Crime stats shock Kalpienung

Pic job
KALPIENUNG residents were shocked to receive attention in a major metropolitan newspaper last week.

Poison fear at Fiskville

Neville Callow

NED Callow will find out at the end of the month if he has been poisoned.

Corryong club in the blood

Corryong footy family

THERE was only ever one club Gordon Nicholas was going to let his kids play for — Corryong.

PrimeSafe board appointments

PrimeSafe board appointments

THE Victorian Government has appointed a new board to oversee meat industry regulators, PrimeSafe.

First man up for the Challenger

First man up for the Challenger

A SOUTH Australian farmer is the first in the country to take delivery of a new Challenger MT800 series tractor.

Chance of rare winter cyclone

Chance of rare winter cyclone

A TROPICAL low poses a risk of developing into a rare out-of-season cyclone in the Coral Sea.