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A swiftly moving beast

High Country Calf Sales
HOW fast the wheels of agriculture can turn.

Beefing up Doors open for Aussie beef

 Weekly Times. Staff. Ed Gannon.
KNOW anyone in Texas? You know, the US state that is bigger and better than anywhere else on Earth.

TPP will boost farming: Robb

Fruit free trade
ANTI-trade activists are effectively trying to stop our agriculture from surging ahead, writes ANDREW ROBB

Put an end to all wars

 Protests and Demonstrations Anti War Rally Hobart Peter Cundall address the crowd
IT IS through seeing and smelling desolation and death that you realise the futility of wars, writes PETER CUNDALL

Floating MG will hurt suppliers

 Murray Goulburn chairman, Ian MacAulay, at the Leongatha plant.
FARMERS and speculative investors is a bad marriage, writes IAN MacAULAY

Pack of lies PETA pushes poison porkies

Ed Gannon. HWT staff. Headshot. Weekly Times.
PETA has sunk to a new low — if that is possible.

Farmers must carry rate burden

CONTINUED government funding is the only way forward, writes BILL McARTHUR

Small cop shops must stay

 Police presser at Dandenong Police Station this morning with Superintendent Shane Patton about the death in police custody o...
SMALL rural towns have it hard enough losing schools and football clubs, but now police stations are in danger.

Get on board, MAV

 Mudwalls Road, calls for upgrading of the dangerous road, which runs from Richmond through Colebrook to the Midland Highway,...
AN INDEPENDENT inquiry is needed to solve the state’s rural rates crisis, says PETER TUOHEY

Oh deer, it’s out of control

 News 2/7/06 Ann Bartlett owns horses and lives on a property on Speewah Rd, but has had one of her horses killed by a rogue ...
WILD deer numbers in Victoria have increased significantly in recent years.

People power to move food labelling

 Minister for Industry Ian Macfarlane holding a press conference on the Australian automotive sector at Parliament house in C...
AUSTRALIAN families are seeking more information about where their food has been grown and processed.

Act now on local councils

Act now on local councils
THE mere suggestion of more amalgamations of rural and regional shires will send shivers down the spine of many.

Profit before prosperity

Puppies With the Walker Family
FOR more than a decade, the Aust­ralian dairy industry has not grown.

‘Madigan muddies water’

‘Madigan muddies water’
SENATOR John Madigan’s attempt to muddy the waters on the Murray Darling Basin Plan are reckless.

Wind power brings concerns

Texas Leads Country In Producing Wind Power
VICTORIA enjoys an abundance of brown coal, which has provided cheap electrical power for generations.

Campaign failure A career could be shortened

A career could be shortened
THE NSW election was meant to finish off Tony Abbott but the Liberal victory threatens Labor leader Bill Shorten.

Applaud those who ignore threats

Applaud those who ignore threats
BALLARAT firms that sponsored the local rodeo were targeted by PETA but it was the animal rights group’s usual glib.

Fraser never forgot the country

The Advertiser Library
MALCOLM  Fraser’s passing is the closing chapter of a political life that was oddly divisive and unifying.

Right to farm Smell is part of the deal

NEWS: Right to farm - Marion McDonnell and Colin Pace
WHO’S to say whether a small piggery at Baddaginnie smells or not.

PETA bullies at it again

NEWS: John Austin from Ryebucks Saddlery
THEY don’t come any nastier than People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

Please pause the plan

 Concerned local residents and angry farmers during protest over plans to cut water usage in the Murray-Darling Basin as they...
IN RECENT months I have travelled more than 5000km across the Murray-Darling Basin.

ED GANNON Food scams proof laws don’t work

Food scams proof laws don’t work
The Government has — finally — noticed that our food labelling laws are ridiculous.

Shot in the arm for Nationals

Shot in the arm for Nationals
THE Victorian Nationals had little time for reflection before Saturday’s Gippsland South by-election.

Stop the Aussie brand rip-off

Stop the Aussie brand rip-off
AUSTRALIA’S good name risks being trashed if the counterfeit production of our food brands is widespread.

Give regions a rev-up

Jaala Pulford, State Agriculture and Regional Development Minister
MY FIRST priority is to ensure regional and rural Victorians have the best possible jobs, services and infrastructure.

Emerald job-shedding was inevitable

 Grain Depot Western Vic. Pictured: Emerald receival site.
THE announcement of staff cuts at Emerald Grain last week was bound to happen.

About time to act on labelling

 Box of peaches. fruit /Fruit
A ONCE-in-a-generation opportunity to reform both food testing and labelling has presented itself.

Train fare evasion Far evasion all too easy

THE first person I saw fare evading was a man in his late 30s, wearing outdoors working clobber.

SunRice ripe for takeover

MAY, 2002 : Still from SunRice advertisement, 05/02. Advertising / Food
SUNRICE will be ripe for takeover once it lists on the Australian Securities Exchange.

Right to egg choice

 Generic eggs / battery / caged / chicken farm . 31/7/06 . Picture: Troy Snook
THE choice between caged and free-range eggs must be left to consumers, writes BRIAN AHMED

New dairy player

DAIRY Sarah Saxton

A NEW player in the milk market has emerged from the ashes of United Dairy Power

Exell opens season with a bang

Exell opens season with a bang

AUSTRALIAN Boyd Exell has won the first event of the outdoor carriage driving season at Horst in the Netherlands.

Indicator expected to hit record

Wodonga Cattle Sale. Last Sale Dairy Week, Schultz Sisters. Terang

THE Eastern Young Cattle Indicator is on track to reach a record high this week.

Krone bends it for better rake

Krone bends it for better rake

KRONE’S centre and side-delivery Swadro hay rakes feature Lift tines for cleaner forage.