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Program must go further

Program must go further
AFTER 18 months in government, the federal Coalition is paying for the promises it made in opposition.

Vic Nationals need new agenda

Ag Minister Peter Walsh - PRCV
“DO YOU really have to go to that? The Nationals are pretty irrelevant at the moment.”

Subscriber Exclusive China an opportunity for farmers

Weekly Times. Staff. Ed Gannon.
SORRY America, but China is now the land of opportunity. For our farmers, that is.

Crime stats shock Kalpienung

Pic job
KALPIENUNG residents were shocked to receive attention in a major metropolitan newspaper last week.

Incentives to invest

 Loch Fraser checks new fencing on his Mudgegonga farm after the Black Saturday fires.
FROM  July 1 next year, the fences farmers build are 100 per cent deductible in the first year.

Turning off backpackers

Backpacker generic pic (Cody Whittaker ) Canandian backpacker. 8/5/02 Picture: ros Cannon
BACKPACKERS are hardly paid a fortune for picking fruit in Tasmania.

Stars align for producers

Stars align for producers
EVERYONE loves a good story — particularly when it is about more dollars flowing into pockets.

Time to bring banks to account

Stewart Levitt
THE Treasurer’s Insolvency Law Reform Bill 2014 is set to become law in 2016.

Another label fable

 Generic pictures of supermarket shelves at Coles, Norwood.
WHEN Tony Abbott announced it was time to act on country-of-origin labelling, we all cried “Hallelujah!”

Plenty of jobs blowin’ in the wind

 Wonthaggi wind farm.
WIND farms can stimulate regional Victoria economies, writes ANDREW BRAY

Editorial Boost our battered chicken industry

 2006. Broiler chickens in shed. The chicken meat industry says chickens are plumper because of improved care not growth horm...
THE public has a love-hate relationship with the broiler industry.

Budget passes muster

Labor Caucus conference
THE 2015-16 Victorian Budget should not cause much surprise to ­regional Victorians.

Farmers took on PETA and won

Supplied Editorial Caption: Nicolle Flint is the new Tuesday columnist for The Advertiser.
AS farmers and shearers quickly pointed out, fake wounds to a fake lamb were so severe they were ludicrous.

Liam Bartlett Outback vanishing a mystery

Outback vanishing a mystery
A MOTHER is missing, her husband found dead, yet WA Police are treating it with a nonchalance beyond disturbing.

‘Frankenfoods’ out of favour

FARM: Lakeview Organics and Blue Moon Alpacas
IT STARTED as a whisper, but has grown to a loud chorus, and is growing by the day.

UDP FALLOUT Supplier loyalty a bonus for Esposito

Supplier loyalty a bonus for Esposito
YOU have got to hand it to United Dairy Power suppliers, they sure are a loyal bunch.

RIVER CITY GRAIN Don’t write off Sapphire inquiry

 Grain harvest Wimmera-Mallee. Wheat.
COMMENT: QUESTION marks hang over a 2014 report into South Australian grain trader Sapphire (SA) Pty Ltd.

Stirrings at heart of dairy

DAIRY: GM Ryegrass Scott Wightman organic dairy farmer.
IF YOU thought the past week was big for the dairy industry, brace yourself; there’s a lot more to come.

Rail leads Budget priority list

 New Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) president Peter Tuohey on his farm in Mitiamo.
AS WE approach another Victorian Budget, all eyes are on Premier Daniel Andrews to see “what’s in it for agriculture?”.

DAIRY MG ready to test new strategy

 Philip Tracy
MURRAY Goulburn is in the home stretch of a journey to decide the co-operative’s future direction.

Beefing up Doors open for Aussie beef

 Weekly Times. Staff. Ed Gannon.
KNOW anyone in Texas? You know, the US state that is bigger and better than anywhere else on Earth.

TPP will boost farming: Robb

Fruit free trade
ANTI-trade activists are effectively trying to stop our agriculture from surging ahead, writes ANDREW ROBB

A swiftly moving beast

High Country Calf Sales
HOW fast the wheels of agriculture can turn.

Put an end to all wars

 Protests and Demonstrations Anti War Rally Hobart Peter Cundall address the crowd
IT IS through seeing and smelling desolation and death that you realise the futility of wars, writes PETER CUNDALL

Floating MG will hurt suppliers

 Murray Goulburn chairman, Ian MacAulay, at the Leongatha plant.
FARMERS and speculative investors is a bad marriage, writes IAN MacAULAY

Pack of lies PETA pushes poison porkies

Ed Gannon. HWT staff. Headshot. Weekly Times.
PETA has sunk to a new low — if that is possible.

Farmers must carry rate burden

CONTINUED government funding is the only way forward, writes BILL McARTHUR

Small cop shops must stay

 Police presser at Dandenong Police Station this morning with Superintendent Shane Patton about the death in police custody o...
SMALL rural towns have it hard enough losing schools and football clubs, but now police stations are in danger.

Get on board, MAV

 Mudwalls Road, calls for upgrading of the dangerous road, which runs from Richmond through Colebrook to the Midland Highway,...
AN INDEPENDENT inquiry is needed to solve the state’s rural rates crisis, says PETER TUOHEY

Oh deer, it’s out of control

 News 2/7/06 Ann Bartlett owns horses and lives on a property on Speewah Rd, but has had one of her horses killed by a rogue ...
WILD deer numbers in Victoria have increased significantly in recent years.

Wild dog baiting ditched

Wild dog baiting ditched

THERE will be no aerial baits for wild dogs dropped in Victoria this autumn.

The greatest league of all

WorkSafe Country Championships, Goulburn Valley FL V Geelong FL

GEELONG Football League faces another rematch in the Worksafe Country Championships next year.

Rice branch launched

Rice harvest pics

THE Ricegrowers’ Association of Australia has launched a Queensland branch to support northern farmers growing rice.

Claas CVT makes Aussie debut

Claas CVT makes Aussie debut

AUSTRALIA is about to get its first shipment of Arion tractors featuring the new Claas-developed CVT.

Wyche welcomes Wig’s snags

Wycheproof retail revival

WHILE towns across the nation feel the pinch of a decline in services, Wycheproof is cooking up its own storm.

Rain falls in ‘dribs and drabs’

Rain falls in ‘dribs and drabs’

IT HAS been called a “dribs and drabs” rain but most Victorian grain growers are now well into their sowing programs.