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Vital agreement Labor’s treachery on trade

Weekly Times. Staff. Ed Gannon.
THE Labor Party’s campaign to derail Australia’s trade agreement with China borders on treachery.

Editorial Action on right-to-farm laws

Blackmore Wagyu
IT TOOK a celebrity to finally illicit action on Victoria’s fractured right-to-farm laws.

Abbott puts own interests first

Joel Fitzgibbon
TRADE liberalisation is unequivocally a good thing for Australia.

Labor’s lost the plot

Labor’s lost the plot
WE CANNOT afford to have Labor wreck the China FTA.

Editorial Rail line upgrade welcome

Murray Basin rail network upgrade
THERE were two welcome surprises at Monday’s long-awaited announcement to progress the Murray Basin rail project.

Skills needed to exploit FTAs

Marcus Oldham principal Dr Simon Livingstone
GRADUATES must be equipped for global competition.

Overdue plan in motion

Murray Basin rail network upgrade
UPGRADING Victoria’s degraded Murray Basin rail freight network is a great step in a long-term infrastructure project.

Port deal must deliver

Port deal must deliver
THE Victorian Farmers Federation is working hard to get the State Government to invest more than $600 million in rural infrastructure.

Agribusinesses bound by red tape

ALP National Conference
SINCE its election, the Federal Government has made us a less attractive investment destination.

Pragmatic rules needed

Generic Aerials , including patterns in farm land paddocks crops west of Toowoomba , QLD
MANY rural communities remain concerned about foreigners buying farm land.

Hands across the water

AUSTRALIA’S pork producers can no longer get the skilled workers they need locally.

Scheme will deliver goods for regions

Tim Pallas
REGIONAL Victorians deserve a Government that’s on their side.

Editorial Build debate on trust

Build debate on trust
VARIOUS firearms and hunting groups have long claimed governments were working in secret to take more guns off them.

Timing of the essence in China FTA

DAIRY: Milk Quality Awards
RENEWED debate about the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement is part and parcel of a vibrant democracy.

Subscriber Exclusive Farmers have a real beef

Weekly Times. Staff. Ed Gannon.
YOU don’t need to frequent the world’s top restaurants to be familiar with the word wagyu.

Marriage equality Bill offers hope

 Andrew Beaton and his wife Juddie, left, with Landmark agent Andrew Harrison paid 219 c/kg or $742 a head for Ballaarook's 8...
RECENTLY our son, Lachie, posted a video online about his realisation of being gay.

Editorial Planning laws need overhaul

Planning laws need overhaul
THE Victorian Government needs to provide clarity on its farm planning laws.

A fresh take on the GST

Wimmera Mallee season
IN ANY discussion about governments requiring more revenue, the conversation immediately jumps to the GST.

So this is the end of the ute?

DENI UTE MUSTER: Ben Reiter from Myrrhee with his Holden VU ute
OH NO. The end is nigh. The creeping Americanisation of our Aussie lingo is nearly complete.

Right to farm Biting the hands that feed

Wagyu Cattle
IT WAS a numbers game that saw Murrindindi shire ignore the advice from its planners and force out a farmer.

Dairy walks fine line

DAIRY: Milk Quality Awards
VICTORIAN dairy production is on a tightrope.

Financial nugget in the slurry

Launch of Agricultural Competitiveness White Paper, Woolsthorpe
THE Federal Government’s Agriculture White Paper has variously received bouquets and brickbats.

Tough week for Barnaby

Launch of Agricultural Competitiveness White Paper, Woolsthorpe
IT HAS been a week to forget for the agriculture minister.

Lives need not be lost in ag

Lives need not be lost in ag
THERE is still more farmers can do to look after themselves and their families.

Agribusiness in the cold

Launch of Agricultural Competitiveness White Paper, Woolsthorpe
THE Agricultural Competitiveness White Paper had some excellent initiatives for farmers.

Basin plan a bad deal

 Sun Rice AGM. John Lolicato from Wakool. Sun Rice Share Holder and Grower
I AM convinced it was a big mistake to separate Australia’s national capital from the rest of the country.

VFF amiss over onshore gas

Kath Sullivan Weekly Times
WHAT have the Victorian Farmers Federation and the Greek Government got in common?

Editorial Ag policy falls short of the hype

Barnaby Joyce
AGRICULTURE is quite right to be underwhelmed with the Federal Government’s future vision for farming.

Box Flat massacre A day when no one spoke up

Duck hunting season opening 2015
IT was an orgy of killing, one of the worst wildlife massacres Victoria had ever known.

Gun flap half-cocked

 13/02/2003. Bob Pendergast, shooting his Benambra cattle injured in the Gippsland bushfires. He blames the ban on back burni...
THE recent hysteria about lever-action firearms and the apparent push to re-examine current legislation is unjustified.

MP airs roo kill plan

Jumping For Joy

KANGAROOS would be hunted and killed by recreational shooters under a plan by a Victorian MP.

Sabell wins league honour

Weekly Times Sherrin Footy

JORDAN Sabell never thought he would take home the East Gippsland league best-and-fairest last week.

Lamb loot the toast of August

corowa prime lamb and sheep sale

A LATE winter buying spree for lamb has pushed Victorian values up by $40-plus for some weights.

New 9RX most expensive JD ever

New 9RX most expensive JD ever

THE new 9RX quad track crop monster is the most expensive tractor John Deere has produced.

The woman from way out nowhere

EAST GIPPSLAND: Judy Edwards at Tubbut

JUDY Edwards has been known to camp out in a paddock at night with a shotgun by her side.

El Nino cycle not all doom

Generic Cracked dry earth , mud, dirt, in a empty dry dam floor also with a dried jaw bone from a skull , on a drought declar...

A STRONG El Nino weather pattern isn’t all doom for Australian farmers, according to climate experts.