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China deal can deliver the goods

China deal can deliver the goods
THE trade deal with China is the mother of all agricultural free-trade deals.

Free trade China deal sweet, but may sour

Weekly Times. Staff. Ed Gannon.
LET'S get this straight. Australia did not sign a free trade agreement with China this week. It signed a trade agreement.

Timbercorp collapse Greed was Timbercorp’s friend

NEWS: David and Celia Scott in the Timbercorp plantation.
THE accountant had a white board set up on a easel next to his desk.

TRADE Asian boom is calling

Asian boom is calling
FARMERS must seriously explore more highly valued products, writes ALAN OXLEY

Don’t rest on laurels

Don’t rest on laurels
THERE is no denying that with both our mineral and agricultural wealth we are a fortunate country.

China FTA an opportunity

TODAY the terms of the free-trade agreement with China will be released.

Clarke’s prize plonk play

Treasury Wine Estates Chief Executive Officer Mike Clarke
TREASURY Wine boss Michael Clarke is pursuing a potential up-market wine purchase in the US.

Time to get busy on trade talks

Time to get busy on trade talks
AUSTRALIA stands on the brink of an extraordinary diplomatic achievement regarding free-trade agreements.

Water fears Daniel Andrew's political will melts

Weekly Times. Staff. Ed Gannon.
NO matter where you are today, chances are it is hot and dry. And it is still spring.

Nature possum’s greatest threat

Plan to protect endangered possum
VICTORIAN environmentalists have been campaigning for the Great Forest National Park for years.

Plugged pipe may flow yet

 The north-south pipeline at Yarra Glen.
DANIEL Andrews has sounded the death knell for the controversial North-South Pipeline.

Exposed on hot spots

Angus Beveridge
AS CONDITIONS worsen, the policy vacuum is putting farmers at risk, writes ROB HARRIS

Nicolle Flint Charities who want to play politics

The charities who just want to play politics
THE Federal Government must review which groups are granted the privilege of charitable status.

Ricky Muir talks about his lifestyle

BEFORE I won the Senate seat I was happily working in the timber industry.

Free-range eggs ban rattles cages

Free-range eggs ban rattles cages
THE South Melbourne Market decision to ban caged eggs from next month is short sighted and hypocritical.

Share the burden on weeds

Share the burden on weeds
IF farmers are expected to fork out for the weeds they accidentally spread, so should anyone with a garden.

ED GANNON Europe's name game a cheesy farce

Europe’s name game a cheesy farce
EUROPEAN authorities popped our champagne bubble and now a campaign to stop us using common cheese names is starting to grate.

They’re off and chasing

Thinkstock generic image of hand voting, putting piece of white paper into ballot box.
MELBOURNE Cup Day marks the start of another important Victorian race, writes CIMARA DOUTRÉ

Fighting for food names

Fighting for food names
COURTROOM battles over common food names might sound quirky, but they are having far-reaching consequences.

Lifeline needs procurement support

 9/02/2004. Staff at SPC Ardmona, Mooroopna Plant, the half peach inspection station. P37 9/02/2004. Staff at SPC Ardmona, Mo...
THE Government needs to match words with action, writes JAMES WAGSTAFF

Nicolle Flint ABC a mouthpiece for fringe groups

ABC serving as mouthpiece for fringe groups
REMOVING 3 million Australian cattle, sheep and goats from a world live export market of 31 million animals will make things worse.

Andrew Rule Control fire and it will work for you

 NEWS: Aerial picture of fire devastation. Bushfires. Fires. Picture taken from Kinglake West, looking toward Melbourne. City...
FIRES have always devastated Australia’s landscape but good managers from the Aborigines know that a controlled burn can do a world of good.

Wait and see on R&D

CSIRO protest
RESEARCHERS gathered at Rutherglen to celebrate one of the longest running agricultural trials in Australia.

Way clear for smart to prosper

Barnaby Joyce
BARNABY Joyce’s road map for agriculture raises plenty of the issues which brought him to prominence.

Southwest Vic attracts foreigners

Southwest Vic attracts foreigners
YOU could be forgiven for believing there was only one region in Australia which produced milk.

Government catchcry Canberra unmoved on centralisation

Weekly Times. Staff. Ed Gannon.
GET out of town was the cry of federal Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce last week.

Move only if it’s right

Move only if it’s right
IT SHOULD be up to industry, not government, where R&D bodies are based, writes ROB HARRIS

Too many cowboys, too few leaders

Too many cowboys, too few leaders
THE dairy industry is fragmenting at an alarming rate, says BERNHARD LUBITZ

CSG website may prove a pitfall

CSG website may prove a pitfall
LAUNCHING a website that allows landholders to search what mining licences surround their property is welcome news.

Nicole Flint Racing industry really is worth it

Supplied Editorial Caption: Nicolle Flint is the new Tuesday columnist for The Advertiser.
THE Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses wants the racing industry closed down, but it’s worth considering which body cares better for horses.

ABC ‘won’t walk away’

APAL energy-saving orchard walks, Ardmona

UPDATE: ABC boss Mark Scott says he’s “not going to walk away” from emergency broadcasting.

East clubs discuss options

Warburton goal posts

ELLINBANK and District League’s east division clubs are examining their options after a board of management meeting.

Almond giant posts $29m profit

Select Harvests managing director Paul Thompson at the company's Thomastown plant. with almonds.

AUSTRALIAN almond giant Select Harvests has posted a net profit of $29 million for 2013-14.

Header sure to have wide appeal

Header sure to have wide appeal

THE first commercially available 60-foot header front is in service in western NSW and on its way to Victoria.

Cotton on to Morgan

Cotton on to Morgan

AN OCEAN Grove illustrator has sewn up a deal with a global clothing brand.

Grow it and they will come

FARM Green Olive at Red Hill

GREG and Sue O’Donoghue started a farm with olives, then added grapes, sheep, chooks, vegies and herbs. Then they opened their gate to visitors.