Last Updated: August 28, 2015

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Brit farmers feel the pinch

THERE are fears British produce could disappear from many supermarket shelves within months as farmers are priced out of the industry.

Bad taste for frozen berries

Bad taste for frozen berries
FROZEN berries have been linked to 26 separate cases of food contamination in the European Union in the past nine years.

Stacks on in Springfield

Stacks on in Springfield
WOMEN load bales of hay on to a wagon at an Amish farm in Springfield, New York, last week.

Vietnam reopens doors

Cardross table grape grower Tony Marciano is harvesting a new grape variety, scarlotta seedless, for the first time. Grapes.
VICTORIAN table grape growers are rejoicing now that Vietnam has reopened its borders to their product.

Needing help The real victims of the Gaza war zone

INSIDE the town of Beit Hanoun, children are stuck inside tents, drawing pictures of aircraft dropping bombs. It’s been a year since their homes were destroyed, and their lives will never be the same.

The email, ‘rape’ and secret map

Owen Labrie
IT’S the trial that’s gripped the US. A popular senior student is accused of raping a junior in a sordid sex competition called the “Senior Salute”.

US shooting Student killed in university shooting

Supplied Editorial savannah state university
A STUDENT has died after a shooting at a university in the US, in the same week a reporter and cameraman were shot live on air.

Tragic end How social media failed shooting victims

How social media failed shooting victims
THE Virginia shooting on live TV exposed the weaknesses of the world’s biggest social networks, which could hold some clues to stopping violent acts.

Aurora shootings ‘I could hear people screaming’

Supplied Editorial Fwd: Editorial
IT WAS 26 minutes past midnight when Sandy Phillips’ phone rang. As she picked it up, she was forced to confront her worst fear in the world.

Justice Most popular man on death row

Most popular man on death row
THE story of a serial killer, who had a gift so powerful it moved his victims’ relatives to campaign against his execution, has taken a dark turn.

Migrant crisis The escape route lined with blood

DRIPPING with blood and reeking with the stench of dead bodies, a gruesome discovery highlights a much larger horror story.

Hairy question Trump: ‘It’s my hair ... I swear’

Donald Trump
ON the hustings for the Republican presidential nomination, Donald Trump has cleared up an issue that has dogged his career for many years.

Lasting wounds This could be the worst Amazon story yet

This could be the worst Amazon story yet
A SENIOR book editor at Amazon had a baby and then discovered she had cancer. She thought her employer would support her, but she was wrong.

Hidden camera Teacher secretly filmed students

Supplied Editorial teacher filming students wadebridge
A FORMER teacher at an elite school has been jailed for nearly four years after secretly filming students using hidden cameras.

Gun debate Dumb claim they keep repeating

Dumb claim they keep repeating
STATISTICS clearly prove it makes no sense, yet Americans keep banging on with the same tired old gun control argument.

Gruesome find ‘There was a terrible smell of death’

‘There was a terrible smell of death’
WHILE Europe reels from the discovery of the decomposed bodies of up to 50 migrants dumped in a truck in Austria, another 30 refugees have drowned at sea.

Virginia shooting ‘Facebook made me witness a murder’

Journalist Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward were shot dead on air during live broadcast at Bridgewater Plaza in Virginia...
ONE of Facebook’s most annoying features turned into something far worse yesterday, as unsuspecting users were forced to watch grisly footage.

Virginia shooting ‘He was a sick bastard and a coward’

Supplied Editorial Gunman shoots journalists live on air Virginia. Pic: Facebook/WDBJ7
AS heartbroken news anchors offer a solemn tribute to the TV crew executed live on air, the father of victim Alison Parker says he hopes the shooter has gone to hell.

Brekkie Wrap Massive sinkhole swallows five

Supplied Editorial Sinkhole swallows five in China. Pic: AP
BREKKIE WRAP: Dramatic video shows the ground open underneath five people waiting for a bus in China, with one woman clinging to a pipe.

The plague tearing America apart

The plague tearing America apart
COUNT the red circles on this map of the US. Each represents a catastrophe, but the Americans aren’t fixing the problem.

Shaky ground Sinkhole swallows five at bus stop

Supplied Editorial Sinkhole swallows five in China. Pic: AP
DRAMATIC video shows the ground open underneath five people waiting for a bus in China, with one woman clinging to pipes under the pavement.

Cheating website Ashley Madison CEO ‘used own site’

Amanda and Noel Biderman. * For Weekend use only *
THE founder of hacked infidelity website Ashley Madison claimed he never cheated on his wife. Leaked emails suggest otherwise.

Embattled strip Attack destroys weapons factory in Gaza

Attack destroys weapons factory in Gaza
The Israeli air force has launched a missile attack on Gaza destroying a Hamas weapons factory after it said a rocket had been fired toward the Israeli border.

Final answers MH17 report won’t say who’s to blame

THE final report on MH17 will be released in October but is unlikely to reveal who was responsible for shooting down the Malaysia Airlines jet.

Girl power The cure for Japan’s failing economy

The cure for Japan’s failing economy
JAPAN is notorious for a brutal corporate culture where people literally work themselves to death, yet the economy is in free fall. Here’s the PM’s radical solution.

Career change The military men who become escorts

The military men who become escorts
EVERY one loves a man in uniform and military men have found there is a market for paid encounters with a sexy soldier.

Off Sumatra Australian killed surfing in Indonesia

 Jul 10 2001 - surfer in action - sport surfing big wave generic
AN Australian man, aged 54, has reportedly died when a wave slammed him into rocks as he surfed in Indonesia’s Mentawai Islands, off Sumatra.

Former reporter ‘Filmed the attack, see Facebook’

Supplied Editorial Vester Flanagan
VESTER Lee Flanagan didn’t just kill his former workmates. He also filmed the attack, and then shared the footage online.

Former reporter ‘Why didn’t I do it before?’

‘Why didn’t I do it before?’
A DISTURBING manifesto from a former reporter who executed his ex-colleagues on live TV, has given further insights into the motive for his public slaying.

Sex scandal ‘I am a homosexual, not a murderer’

Supplied Travel DECEMBER 1 2013 TRAVEL CHALLENGE Visit London, the city that hosted the last Olympic Games in 2012.
ONE of the men accused in the Westminster ‘gang of eight’ has shocked the public by revealing the horrific allegations of, rape, sexual abuse and murder against him. WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT

MP airs roo kill plan

Jumping For Joy

KANGAROOS would be hunted and killed by recreational shooters under a plan by a Victorian MP.

Fevola flies Pigeon coop

EJ Whitten Legends Game

YARRAWONGA president and co-coach pay tribute to Brendan Fevola, who will leave club at season’s end.

Lamb loot the toast of August

corowa prime lamb and sheep sale

A LATE winter buying spree for lamb has pushed Victorian values up by $40-plus for some weights.

New 9RX most expensive JD ever

New 9RX most expensive JD ever

THE new 9RX quad track crop monster is the most expensive tractor John Deere has produced.

The woman from way out nowhere

EAST GIPPSLAND: Judy Edwards at Tubbut

JUDY Edwards has been known to camp out in a paddock at night with a shotgun by her side.

El Nino cycle not all doom

Generic Cracked dry earth , mud, dirt, in a empty dry dam floor also with a dried jaw bone from a skull , on a drought declar...

A STRONG El Nino weather pattern isn’t all doom for Australian farmers, according to climate experts.