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Wine’s emotional value unlocked

MAPPING emotional responses to wine traits could help to identify the perfect drop for a romantic date.

Serbia to heed Russia call

Serbia to heed Russia call
SERBIA will honour a call from Brussels not to profit from Russia’s ban on Western food.

Quake hits high-end wine area

Quake hits high-end wine area
WINEMAKERS in California’s Napa Valley woke up to broken bottles today as a result of an earthquake.

Cambodia eyes Aussie cattle

The announcement by Federal Government to halt live cattle export to Indonesia is going to have a negative impact on the Nort...
CAMBODIA is expected to be opened as a new market for Australian cattle.

Korea captives Americans in N Korea call for help

Kenneth Bae
THE three Americans held captive in North Korea have pleaded with Washington to send a high-ranking official to negotiate their freedom.

Religious beliefs Brain tumour boy’s parents held

Brain tumour boy’s parents held
A JUDGE has ordered the parents who took their critically ill son out of a hospital to be detained for 72 hours.

Ukraine conflict Putin makes his move for Ukraine

Vladimir Putin
AS RUSSIAN forces fire more shells into Ukraine, Vladimir Putin has played his hand to gain more control of the troubled region.

Too much Man gets divorce over ‘frisky wife’

Man gets divorce over ‘frisky wife’
A MAN has been granted a divorce on the grounds that his wife had an “insatiable appetite for sex,” that once landed him in hospital.

Sex abuse inquiry Child migrant abuse inquiry opens

A man walks past the Papal Cross, which was built for the visit of the late Pope John Paul II in Sep 1979, in Phoenix Park, i...
A NORTHERN Ireland hearing into the historical institutional abuse of children transported to Australia from the 1920s to 1970s has opened.

Lives lost Seven-hour manhunt put town on edge

Seven-hour manhunt put town on edge
POLICE dogs have tracked down and bitten a gunman during a massive manhunt in a small New Zealand village, after he shot dead two people.

Online comedy A guide to life in our ‘slackarse country’

A guide to life in our ‘slackarse country’
A WEB series so “bonza” that it will have you “chucking a sickie” to watch Indian call centre trainees learning to speak Aussie.

Midair tragedy Dying man ‘too hairy’ to save

Supplied Editorial 010914heartattack
A WIDOW has criticised airline staff who she claimed delayed using a defibrillator on her dying husband because of his hairy chest.

World health Ebola treatment invented by... Fujifilm?!

 Nozomi Sasaki, a model for Japan's Fujifilm, displays the company's new 3D digital camera called 'FinePix Real 3D W3', which...
WHEN Japan announced it was ready to supply a new drug to help combat the deadly Ebola virus, one unusual detail emerged — it would be made by Fujifilm.

Islamic State Australia moves closer to military action against IS

Australia moves closer to military action against IS
AUSTRALIA has moved a step closer to military engagement in Iraq, agreeing to a US request to deliver weapons to Kurdish forces holding back the rampaging IS terror group.

Interpol alert Tumour boy’s parents face court

Cameron press conference
THE parents of a five-year-old British boy with a brain tumour who was taken from hospital without medical consent are set to appear before a judge.

Ukraine conflict Abbott takes harder line on Russia

Question Time
TONY Abbott says Australia will increase sanctions against Russia to match those of the European Union in the wake of its “bullying” of Ukraine.

Trapped Iraq breaks through jihadist siege

Iraq breaks through jihadist siege
IRAQI forces have broken through to the jihadist-besieged town of Amerli, where thousands of people have been trapped for more than two months.

Kindly crew Firemen mow lawn for bereaved wife

Supplied Editorial 310814fire
KIND-HEARTED firefighters returned to the home of a woman whose husband had died of a heart attack while mowing the lawn to finish the job.

Explosion Six killed in Paris building blast

Six killed in Paris building blast
SIX people including two children were killed and dozens more injured in an explosion that reduced a Paris apartment block to rubble.

Regional threat EU gives Russia sanctions ultimatum

EU gives Russia sanctions ultimatum
UPDATE: EU leaders have given Russia a week to reverse course in Ukraine or face a new round of sanctions as Kiev warned of “full-scale war” with Moscow.

Rescue mission ‘God answered our pleas to live’

‘God answered our pleas to live’
UPDATE: A group among 20 workers dramatically rescued from a collapsed gold mine have joined frantic efforts to find eight comrades still missing.

Tragic loss ALS cop ‘murders wife, sister’

Supplied Editorial 30082014 STEELE
A FORMER police officer struggling with his recently-diagnosed ALS allegedly killed his wife and sister-in-law.

Coalition call Iraq aims to break two-month siege

Iraq aims to break two-month siege
US SECRETARY of State John Kerry has called for a global coalition to combat “genocidal” Islamic State militants as Iraq launches a major operation.

ISIS threat ‘Terrorist threat to Europe, US’

A member loyal to the Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham waves a flag in Raqqa, Syria
THE king of Saudi Arabia has warned that extremists could attack Europe and the US if there is not a strong international response to terrorism.

Lucky break Facebook restores $14K ring to owner

Supplied Editorial 30082014 ERIN
A WOMAN thought she’d lost her $14,500 wedding rings forever — until a man who found them with his metal detector shared a picture on Facebook.

Reconstruction effort Rebuilding Gaza ‘will take 20 years’

Rebuilding Gaza ‘will take 20 years’
IT will take 20 years for Gaza’s battered homes to be rebuilt following the war between Hamas and Israel, according to an NGO.

Jihadist incursion Gulf monarchies condemn ISIS

Steven Sotloff
THE six-member Gulf Co-operation Council has strongly condemned Islamic State jihadists in Iraq and Syria, and welcomed the ceasefire in Gaza.

Disaster Survivor of Hindenburg crash dies

Hindenburg Explosion
WERNER Franz, believed to be the last surviving crew member of the German airship Hindenburg that crashed 77 years ago, has died. He was 92.

Treasure hunt Beach diggers strike gold

Beach diggers strike gold
THREE friends have struck gold after a German artist buried thousands of pounds worth of the precious metal on a British beach.

Medical drama Interpol alert for kidnapped sick boy

Cameron press conference
DOCTORS say time is running out for a desperately ill boy with a brain tumour who officials believe was kidnapped from hospital by his parents.

#FTA4dairy kicks off

#FTA4dairy kicks off

DAIRY farmers today launched a #FTA4dairy “selfie” campaign to help secure a China-Australia FTA.

WEG riders on road to Rio


AUSTRALIA’S dressage riders have secured a team place at the Olympic Games at Rio in 2016.

Vic farmers feeling flat

Haywards of Locksley Wines

VICTORIAN farmers’ confidence eased this quarter, citing concerns about the agricultural economy.

Mother bins cut back downtime

Mallee Machinery Field Days.

AS headers work faster, chaser bins and grain transfer to on-farm silos can struggle to keep up.

Steve bends the rules

Steve bends the rules

THERE was no crisis or yearning for a creative outlet that triggered Steve Tobin’s career change.

Editor’s letter: August 2014

Natalee Ward. Weekly Times. HWT staff.

IN case you’ve ever wondered how important branding is, you only have to listen to Rita Bikins from Red Rock Olive oil at Pomonal to know the truth.