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GRAINS Dry hurts Russian wheat harvest

DRY weather is hampering next season’s Russian wheat crop prospects, according to

US heads to the polls

US heads to the polls
US FARMERS say environment “over-regulation” and labour reform are key issues ahead of next week’s US midterm elections.

Aussie hand for African biosecurity

 A170403 The Burdekin Grower - the mango hopper: Farmers need to check for leafhoppers as part of normal monitoring program, ...
UPDATE: THE new Australia-Africa Plant Biosecurity Partnership will use Australian expertise to strengthen plant biosecurity skills in 10 African countries.

British beef sliced thin

 Beef cattle in a field at Lincolnshire, England.
RETAILERS are squeezing Britain’s beef producers and have failed to learn from last year’s horsemeat scandal, the NFU says.

Public execution IS plot: ‘No, no, stay in Australia’

IS plot: ‘No, no, stay in Australia’
CHILLING new details have emerged about the Islamic State’s depraved plan to kidnap a random Australian and publicly execute them.

Sacred site Vandals strike at Anzac Cove

 Images from Istanbul and Gallipoli, Turkey, for weekend travel story. ANZAC Cove on the Gallipoli peninsular was the first l...
MEMORIAL plaques and metal lettering honouring the Anzacs have been vandalised on the Gallipoli peninsula in Turkey.

Eric Frein US Rambo faces death penalty

Eric Frein
PROSECUTORS will seek the death penalty for a self-styled ‘Rambo’ who eluded authorities for 48 days after allegedly killing a US State Trooper.

Accidental exposure Woman sues Google over boob pic

Google Maps Logo
A WOMAN has been awarded thousands in damages after Google published an image of her with her breasts partially exposed on Street View.

Navy SEAL Bin Laden’s shooter to be revealed

 FILE - In this Dec. 24, 1998 file photo, al-Qaida leader Osama Bin Laden speaks to a selected group of reporters in the moun...
KNOWN only as The Shooter, his identity has been a secret for three years. Now, the world is about to meet the Navy SEAL who killed Osama Bin Laden.

Open secret Russian MP: ‘Ban him for life’

Russian MP: ‘Ban him for life’
APPLE chief executive Tim Cook’s decision to come out as gay has drawn widespread praise — but not everybody is happy about it.

Not listening Ebola nurse defiantly rides on

Supplied Editorial 31102014Kaci
EBOLA nurse Kaci Hickox has defied an order to stay home after she treated patients in West Africa, going for a bike ride overnight with her boyfriend.

Plane crash Plane crashes into airport, killing four

Plane crashes into airport, killing four
OFFICIALS say at least four people are dead after a small plane reported losing engine power and crashed into a building at a Kansas airport.

Fiery protests What’s going on in Ouagadougou

What’s going on in Ouagadougou
RAMPAGING demonstrators have set Burkina Faso’s parliament on fire, protesting a vote to allow the president to extend his 27-year rule.

Greetings How to shake hands in Ebola zones

Samantha Power Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
WEST Africans avoiding hugs and handshakes in Ebola-affected areas are trying a new way to say hello — the so-called ‘Ebola handshakes’.

Dying with dignity Brittany changes mind on death

Brittany changes mind on death
BRITTANY Maynard, the terminally ill woman who was set to end her life tomorrow, has released an emotional video after having a change of heart.

Sex offences Polanski escapes US clutches again

Polanski escapes US clutches again
FILM director Roman Polanski has been freed in Poland as the US tries to bring him back to face charges for having sex with a 13-year-old-girl.

New lead Curtain clue may help find Maddie

Curtain clue may help find Maddie
CURTAINS and strands of hair from the apartment where Madeleine McCann disappeared seven years ago may hold the key to who took her, police believe.

Breakthrough Have they found Earhart’s plane?

Undated file photo shows aviator Amelia Earhart. Three bone fragments found on a South Pacific island could help prove that E...
A FRAGMENT of Amelia Earhart’s lost aircraft — one of the greatest aviation mysteries of all time — has been identified for the first time.

Tragic Mudslide victims ‘buried alive’

Mudslide victims ‘buried alive’
A MAJOR mudslide at a tea plantation in Sri Lanka has killed about 100 people, with the victims buried alive.

What’s Russia up to in Europe?

BUSTED. Russia has been caught flying four groups of warplanes over Europe in a large scale operation where they conducted ‘significant military manoeuvres’.

First lawsuit First lawsuit filed over MH370

First lawsuit filed over MH370
A FAMILY is suing Malaysia Airlines and Malaysia’s government for negligence in the mysterious disappearance of flight MH370.

Global phenomenon Other countries have bogans too

 Local stand-up comedian, Josh John aka Maverick in bogan mode in his panel van.
IT’S that time of year when we embrace our inner bogans, donning singlets and firing up the barbie. But do other nations do boganism better?

Removed nightgown Woman ‘sexually assaulted’ man

Woman ‘sexually assaulted’ man
A WOMAN has been arrested and charged after allegedly breaking into the home of her husband’s friend and sexually assaulting him while asleep.

Chilling truths Why the Halloween hate?

IT’S exciting, mysterious and thrillingly terrifying. Let’s do something shocking this year and actually get into the spooky celebrations.

Anti-violence campaigners beat man to a pulp

Anti-violence campaigners beat man to a pulp
THEY were supposed to be campaigning to stop violence, but two people have been charged with doing something so awful to a colleague he vomited blood and had seizures.

History’s mysteries Ancient tunnel’s hidden secrets

Ancient tunnel’s hidden secrets
IT was sealed 2000 years ago, but researchers have finally reached the end of this tunnel. What they’ve found will unlock sacred secrets buried long ago.

Brekkie Wrap Brittany delays death wish

Supplied Editorial 31102014Brittany
BREKKIE WRAP: BRITTANY Maynard, the terminally ill woman who was set to end her life tomorrow, has changed her mind.

Mugshots The faces of Robert’s ‘murderers’

The faces of Robert’s ‘murderers’
THESE are the faces of the four people who Bali police allege are among the killers and accomplices in the murder of Australian businessman Robert Eliis in Bali.

Terror frontline The 150 men going after IS

The 150 men going after IS
ARMED to the teeth, this tiny army is heading to the bloodiest battlezone in the war on IS. In their trucks is the one thing local fighters have been begging for.

Valley of Death now land of smiles

Valley of Death now land of smiles
THIRTY years after Ethiopia’s horrific famine, the country where up to a million people died from starvation is a changed place.

Ouyen’s grim death toll

 West Wimmera Harvest. Unloading wheat at the Laharum Grain Storage site. The wheat is travelling up into silo

UPDATE: The Mallee community has been shattered by the accidental death of another young farmer.

Review into country cricket

Supplied Editorial FW: picture

UPDATE: COUNTRY cricket in Victoria is about to go under the microscope.

Auctions take direct hit

Corowa sheep sale

LAMB pricing appears to have shifted in favour of direct selling this spring.

John Deere 1025R a little ripper

Elmore Field Days 2014 Wednesday

SIMPLICITY and versatility are the main selling points for John Deere’s 1 Series sub-compact utility tractors.

Humour is a blowtorch

Country Living: Sculptor and jeweller Russell Petherbridge

RUSSELL Petherbridge successfully crosses the gulf between sport and art.

Editor’s Letter: October 2014

 Natalee Ward. Weekly Times. HWT staff.

THE Weekly Times held its first FORUM last month, a day for farmers to get together and hear from some successful producers and marketing gurus on how to build a strong business brand.