Last Updated: May 23, 2015

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Safari controversy Hunter’s $440k kill to ‘save’ rhino

A TEXAS oil heir who paid $440,000 to shoot dead a black rhino claims the killing will help the critically-endangered species to survive. But is he right?

Doctors seek halt on wind farms

GERMANY’S medical profession has called on its leaders to support a halt to further wind farm developments.

German precision

A TRACTOR trundled through a blooming rapeseed crop in southern Germany last week.

US crops get rain

US crops get rain
CROPS in the United States, previously on a knife edge, have received much-needed rain in the past week.

Incest investigation Teenager ‘blackmails mum’ into sex

Teenager ‘blackmails mum’ into sex
A TEENAGER blackmailed his mother into having sex with him, allege police, who are treating the matter somewhat differently.

Fugitive DC family killer suspect arrested

DC family killer suspect arrested
THE fugitive wanted for the murders of a wealthy family in Washington DC earlier this month has been arrested without incident.

Bomb scare Massive bomb halts TV talent show

Massive bomb halts TV talent show
BRITAIN’S Got Talent rehearsals have been stopped and hundreds evacuated after the discovery of an unexploded 50 kilogram bomb in London.

Pakistan hide-out Osama bin Laden’s huge porn stash

Osama bin Laden’s huge porn stash
HE ranted and raved about the exploitation of women in the west. But the slain al-Qaeda leader kept an extensive porn collection in his Pakistan hide-out.

Rare deformity Penis-less man’s impressive record

Penis-less man’s impressive record
A BRITISH man born without a penis says he’s slept with more than 100 women — while somehow managing to keep the truth about his anatomy secret from most of them.

Hello kitty Cheetah falls into safari vehicle

Cheetah falls into safari vehicle
TOURISTS in Kenya thought it was cute when a curious cheetah clambered up on their jeep, but that feeling turned to shock when the clumsy cat fell into the car.

Teacher pimped out his classroom

Supplied Editorial teacher sex
TEXT messages reveal how a maths teacher organised for students to have sex in his classroom’s closet.

Tragic story Cop killed hours before maternity leave

Supplied Editorial 22052015Cop
A POLICE officer and new mum has been shot dead hours before she was about to go on maternity leave.

Invasion ISIS begin beheadings in Palmyra

ISIS begin beheadings in Palmyra
AS Islamic State group jihadists seized Syria’s ancient city of Palmyra, reports are emerging that the militants have begun beheading captured civilians.

Rainbow kids ‘I am not a science experiment’

26th Annual GLAAD Media Awards - Inside
VICTORIA’S Secret model Josephine Skriver has spoken candidly about her conception by a gay father and lesbian mother, telling critics she’s not ‘synthetic’.

Damages Rowling vindicated over ‘sob story’

 08/05/2008 WIRE: 05/08/2008 WIRE: JK Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series of books, as she poses for photographers wit...
A BRITISH newspaper has apologised to author JK Rowling for alleging she wrote a sob story containing false claims about her time as a single mother.

Incredible images The view from the top of the world

The view from the top of the world
IT’S a perspective of one of the world’s greatest cities that hasn’t been seen in almost 15 years. Take a sneak peek at the observation deck of the new World Trade Centre.

116,000 cases UK police swamped by child abuse reports

UK police swamped by child abuse reports
UK police report an unprecedented increase in reports of abuse in the wake of the Rolf Harris and Jimmy Savile scandals, and there are warnings that worse news is yet to come.

12,000 affected Desperate future for Ebola’s orphans

Liberia Races To Expand Ebola Treatment Facilities, As U.S. Troops Arrive
WHILE most have moved on from the Ebola crisis these orphans can’t. Heartbreaking stories of kids left starving, suicidal and forced into the sex trade are emerging.

Brutal attack DNA on pizza crust IDs murder suspect

Supplied Editorial Daron Wint bright
POLICE have identified a suspect in the murders of a wealthy Washington DC family using DNA collected from the crust of a pizza delivered to their home.

Tantrum Flight full: man strips off at check-in

Flight full: man strips off at check-in
WHEN a man going on holiday to Jamaica was told his flight was overbooked, he threw a tantrum, bellowing and stripping naked before staff.

Surgery stuff-up ‘My bowel and intestines just fell out’

‘My bowel and intestines just fell out’
A NEW mother was left horrified after she was forced to catch her bowel and intestines after her surgical scar reopened following a Caesarian.

Terror attack ISIS bomber strikes Saudi mosque

ISIS bomber strikes Saudi mosque
THE Islamic State group has attacked a mosque in Saudi Arabia, killing and wounding several people in an assault that threatens to fan sectarian tensions.

National pride Guy Sebastian strikes the right note

Supplied Editorial 23052015Eurovision
THOUSANDS of ‘super fans’ have swung behind Australian entrant Guy Sebastian at the first full dress rehearsal for the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest.

Prodigy ‘This isn’t a big thing for me’

Supplied Editorial 11-year-old Tanishq Abraham, who took out three degrees
THIS 11-year-old just graduated with three college degrees — ‘baby steps’ on his way to a Nobel prize and the US presidency, he says.

Royal claims ‘Prince Charming’ wants to be king

Supplied Editorial Louis Alphonse de Bourbon is the most senior living male descendant of France's last Bourbon king
LOUIS Alphonse de Bourbon, a descendant of King Louis XIV and nicknamed “Prince Charming”, believes he should be King of France.

Land grab Friendship with US, China at risk

Abbott Bi-Laterals G20
AUSTRALIA’S long-maintained position of being “friends to both” China and the US is being threatened by tension in South and East China Seas.

Heartbreaking Gay lovers turn out to be brothers

Supplied Editorial 22052015Gay
TWO men in a gay relationship, and who had plans to marry, have discovered that they are actually brothers.

Drug run Drug-filled plane crashes into sea

Drug-filled plane crashes into sea
WE’VE seen drug runs foiled but never like this. Incredible surveillance footage shows what happened when coke smugglers tried to dodge authorities.

Mental illness ‘I’m 37 and I only weigh 20kg’

Supplied Editorial anorexia rachael
TRIGGER WARNING. Rachael is 37 years old, and weighs just 20 kilograms. She’s struggling to stay alive after a decade-long battle.

Science UK rocked by earthquake

UK rocked by earthquake
A “DRAMATIC, violent, jarring and jolting” earthquake struck the UK near Kent, waking residents in the middle of the night with the shock of their lives.

Media to fight Bill

 Screen grab taken from ABC TV's 'Four Corners' report 'A Bloody Business' by Sarah Ferguson which focused on the treatment o...

AUSTRALIA’S biggest organisations have united to condemn proposed new laws aimed at the reporting of animal cruelty.

Millewa triple-header

 Nangiloc's Scott Golding juggles the ball under pressure. Cardross 22.11-143 vs Nangiloc 14.11-95.

ONE competition not taking part in interleague matches this weekend has taken the chance to go completely outside the box.

Claas CVT makes Aussie debut

Claas CVT makes Aussie debut

AUSTRALIA is about to get its first shipment of Arion tractors featuring the new Claas-developed CVT.

Wyche welcomes Wig’s snags

Wycheproof retail revival

WHILE towns across the nation feel the pinch of a decline in services, Wycheproof is cooking up its own storm.

Rain falls in ‘dribs and drabs’

Rain falls in ‘dribs and drabs’

IT HAS been called a “dribs and drabs” rain but most Victorian grain growers are now well into their sowing programs.