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Injured Climbers Airlifted From Everest Base Camp After Avalanche Triggered By Nepalese Earthquake1:05

A MAKESHIFT helipad is cleared to allow patients critically injured in the Everest avalanche - triggered by the Nepalese earthquake - to be airlifted to hospital for treatment. The footage was shot by�Carsten Lillelund Pedersen, a Dane who was climbing Everest with Belgian climber Jelle Veyt while the avalanche struck. Pedersen can be heard describing the scene, which includes shots of what remains of base camp, with tents levelled by�the onrushing snow. For more from Use The World: �� Videographer / Director: Carsten Lillelund Pedersen Producer: Tom Midlane Editor: Kyle Waters

Estonia: See final day of NATO 'Tornado' drills before 'Siil 2015' war games0:59

The NATO joint military exercises codenamed 'Tornado' entered their final phase near Tallinn, Saturday, with nearly 2,000 soldiers of the First Infantry Brigade of Estonian Defence Forces and several divisions of US paratroopers participating. The drills included shooting, squad-based infantry and combined arms exercises as well as training with the Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System (MILES), a laser system for combat simulation. Soldiers carried small laser receivers detecting when the soldier has been struck by a firearm's laser. Each laser transmitter authentically mimics the effective shooting range of the respective weapon. The Tornado drills are held in preparation for the 'Siil 2015' war games involving 13,000 soldiers from the US, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, to be held between May 4 and 15. 'Siil 2015' translates literally to 'Hedgehog 2015' in English. The presence of US soldiers in the region is a part of the military operation 'Atlantic Resolve,' a demonstration of US commitment to NATO members across Eastern Europe through international training and security cooperation.

Nepal: Kathmandu responds to aftershock in shadow of destroyed Dharahara tower0:42

Residents of Kathmandu were seen tending to the wounded after a 6.7 magnitude aftershock rocked the city on Sunday. The aftershock occurred 60km (40 miles) east of Nepal's capital, hampering rescue operations related to Saturday's 7.8 magnitude earthquake that is reported to have killed more than 2,000 people. The aftershock has triggered fresh avalanches in the Himalayas, where at least 17 climbers died on Saturday. Residents of Kathmandu were seen evacuating the wounded amid the rubble on Sunday, and in the shadow of the destroyed Dharahara tower. Built in 1832, the structure stood at 61.88 metres (203.0 ft) tall. It was levelled in Saturday's earthquake, leaving just the base intact around which some 180 people were found dead. According to the US Geological Survey (USGS) Saturday's quake, reported to be Nepal's deadliest in around 80 years, struck an area between Kathmandu and the city of Pokhara with deaths reported as far away as India, Bangladesh and Tibet. Further aftershocks are expected, increasing the risk that damaged buildings could topple. A number of countries have pledged aid, with the US and China having sent search-and-rescue teams to the region. Russia's Ministry of Emergency Situations (EMERCOM) has also sent workers and plans to fly out more supplies and aid later on Sunday. International charities including Doctors Without Borders and the Red Cross are also sending teams to the areas that have been affected.

Yemen: Tank battle rages on the streets of Taiz0:35

The southern Yemeni city of Taiz witnessed heavy fighting involving tanks as Houthi militias battled with forces loyal to President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi, Sunday. The Houthi fighters have reportedly been pushed back in the strategically vital city, which they have held largely unopposed for over a month. The counter-attack from President Hadi loyalists comes after a weeks-long bombing campaign conducted by a Saudi Arabian-led coalition. Houthi fighters recently demanded an end to the air strikes as a condition for starting UN-sponsored ceasefire negotiations. At least 115 children have been killed and 172 injured in Yemen as the Saudi-led operation against Houthi militia forces enters its fifth week, the UN said. On Friday, the UN said that a total of 551 civilians have been killed since Saudi Arabia launched 'Operation Decisive Storm' against the Houthis. The conflict in Yemen is believed to have killed more than 1,000 people, according to the latest World Health Organization (WHO) figures.

Indonesia: Brother of Bali 9 death-row inmate urges president to "show mercy"1:15

The brother of convicted "Bali Nine" drug smuggler Andrew Chan urged Indonesian President Joko Widodo to "show mercy," following the formal notification for the execution of seven of the nine by a Bali court, Sunday. The convicted traffickers have been told that they could be executed at any time after Tuesday, although no specific date has been set. Speaking in the port of Cilicap, Michael Chan, the brother of Andrew, said that "somewhere in the legal system of Indonesia, there's got to be mercy and the president needs to show that now, and he's the only one that can stop it." The brothers of convicted Australian drug smugglers Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan held a press conference after visiting their siblings on Nusakambangan prison island with other friends and family, Australian consular officials and their lawyers. A small protest urging the Indonesian president to show clemency for another convicted drug smuggler, Philippines woman Mary Jane Veloso, was held in the vicinity.

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Nepal: Kathmandu responds to aftershock in shadow of destroyed Dharahara tower0:42

Yemen: Tank battle rages on the streets of Taiz0:35

Indonesia: Brother of Bali 9 death-row inmate urges president to "show mercy"1:15

Bulgaria: Anti-NATO protesters take to the streets of Sofia1:30

Nepal: Mount Everest avalanche narrowly avoids base camp0:56

Nepal: See moment deadly avalanche covers Everest base camp0:17

Nepal: Kathmandu earthquake survivors pulled from the rubble1:29

Nepal: Everest climbers survey avalanche destruction at base camp0:42

Burundi riot police disperse protests against president's bid for third term1:11

'Law to catch up to jihadist doctor'0:39

200 safe but many Aussies missing in Nepal0:45

Aftershocks as Nepal toll passes 2,3503:27

Aftershocks as Nepal toll passes 2,3503:27

Near Mount Everest, Climber Reports From Quake Zone1:59

Massive Aftershock Nepal Sends People Fleeing2:14

Pope Francis prays for victims of Nepal earthquake1:23

Quake rescue efforts continue in Nepal amid aftershocks1:23

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USA: Ruptly producer robbed at Baltimore protest1:18

Kazakhstan: Nazarbayev set to extend tenure as Kazakh President1:40

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North storm home to beat Geelong in AFL0:58

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Raiders extend Souths' losing run1:13

Four Test debutants in Kangaroos team0:25

Sydney FC beat Wellington 2-1 in A-League0:54

Victory take A-League premiers plate0:43

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Melbourne Victory press conference7:59

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Melbourne Victory win Premiers' Plate1:11

Luke Keary named ahead of Hodkinson and Pearce0:41

Hurricanes defeat Reds 35-191:45

Bulldogs coaching staff caught licking a highlighter0:28

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Existing-Home Sales Up 6.1% in March2:47

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