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USA: Protesters block street to mark anniversary of John Crawford 's death1:02

Hundreds of people blocked traffic on Flatbush Avenue, one of Brooklyn's busiest streets, in New York, Monday, to mark the one-year anniversary since black male John Crawford was shot by police whilst carrying an air rifle in an Ohio Walmart. The protesters gathered outside a Brooklyn shopping mall, chanting and blocking the street before police arrived to break up the rally. The activists also stormed a branch of Target in the area, holding toy guns, carrying placards condemning police brutality and racism and chanting slogans including "how is a toy gun mistaken for a real gun?" Crawford died on August 5, 2014, after police officer Sean Williams shot him in a Walmart in Ohio. A shopper called 911 saying that Crawford was waving a gun in a threatening manner. The caller later said that he had never seen Crawford pointing the gun at anyone. Police arrived on the scene and within seconds they shot the 22-year-old man dead. Security cameras showed Crawford waving the air rifle aimlessly whilst talking on the phone before he was shot.

USA: Obama unveils Clean Power Plan to tackle power plant carbon emissions1:42

US President Barack Obama formally unveiled the Clean Power Plan during an event in the White House in Washington D.C., Monday. The plan aims to cut carbon emissions from US power plants by up to 32 percent from 2005 levels by the year 2030. During his speech Obama said that "no challenge poses a greater threat to our future, and future generations, than a changing climate." The US president also said he believed that there was "such a thing as being to late" when it came to addressing the problem of climate change. He also referred to the plan as the "single most important step America has ever taken in the fight against global climate change." As well as cutting power plant carbon emissions, the Clean Power Plan will also focus on renewable energy sources, with particular importance placed on wind and solar energy. The plan has many critics, including in the US Congress which has already rejected previous legislative attempts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, forcing Obama to enact the regulations by executive order. During his address the US president attacked critics of the plan, who have called it a 'war on coal' and said it will be too expensive, by pointing out that it will likely reduce energy bills, improve health and see reinvestment in coal producing regions of the country.

UK: Corbyn continues spreading "hope" following "personal attacks"0:55

Jeremy Corbyn, leadership contender (English): " I am saying simply this: fifteen hundred people came to Liverpool on Saturday night, two thousand people are here tonight, in the Camden centre, young, old, black, white, everybody, they've come together because they want the politics of hope, not the politics of envy and not the politics of attacking individuals. And so I ignore all personal comments that are made, I am sure they are all made in the heat of the moment, I forgive everybody, I have charity to all and malice towards none." SOT, RT reporter (English): ''Are you electable?'' Jeremy Corbyn, Labour leadership contender (English): "That's for the people who decide not me." Labour party leadership contender Jeremy Corbyn responded to the comments made by the former Labour leader Lord Neil Kinnock, during a rally in the Camden centre, Monday. Kinnock had made claims that the Corbyn campaign is being backed by "malign Trotskyites," who were engaging in "entryism" in a bid to push the Labour party into a hard left position. Corbyn responded by citing the numbers of people who are attending his rally events, where 1,500 turned out in Liverpool and 2,000 attended in Camden. He refused to engage in a war of words regarding the claims, saying he thought they were likely made in haste and that he has "charity to all and malice towards none." When asked if he were electable, Corbyn replied: ''that's for the people to decide, not me.'' Corbyn has been a surprisingly successful campaigner in his bid for Labour leadership, gathering support from many trade unions and sections of civil society after the party's comprehensive defeat in May's General Election. Corbyn is now the bookmakers favourite to win the leadership election. At the beginning of the campaign six weeks ago, he was the 100-1 outsider, now bookies William Hill have slashed the odds to 5-4. The British tabloids have started to refer to him as 'Stormin' Corbyn.'

Epson EcoTank: The Printer That Doesn't Run Dry2:30

Epson's new printers change the ink-onomics of your home office. WSJ's Wilson Rothman explains why paying more will make your ink-cartridge hassles disappear.

Wait for the EPL is over1:43

EPL: The English Premier League wait is over with the 2015/16 season officially kicking off this Saturday, live on Fox Sports channel 506 from 9:40 pm

Monitor Me52:07

The Promise and Peril of Democracy48:13

Deepwater Disaster - The Untold Story51:57

East meets tech25:01

Macau's Future Gamble25:01

The Age Of Big Data52:03

Attacking Asthma10:48

Space, Inc23:48

Poor America27:54

Richard Hammond Meets Evel Knievel58:44

Pill Poppers51:54

My Digital Addiction48:15

What's Wrong With Our Weather?50:43

Obama and Media: The Mystery47:39

Global Weirding51:51

The Devil We Know48:04

Mexico's Vigilante State24:51

Seeing Stars51:52

Battling the dry25:31

Defeating Cancer47:50

UK: Corbyn continues spreading "hope" following "personal attacks"0:55

Epson EcoTank: The Printer That Doesn't Run Dry2:30

TODAY'S HEADLINES: Tuesday 4th August2:14

Baird goes Maroon in Parliament after bet0:12

An overview of WW1's famous Gallipoli August Offensives1:56

PM announces plan for shipbuilding1:58

Goodes to return to AFL3:15

Belarus: OSCE's Sajdik holds presser after Trilateral Contact Group meeting1:32

Belarus: DPR's Pushilin and LPR's Deinego disappointed after Trilateral Contact Group meeting2:18

Mexico: Colima volcano spews huge ash cloud three kilometres high0:19

Argentina: Hundreds gather to watch whale swim in Buenos Aires marina1:16

Abnormal numbers of catfish at Nightcliff foreshore0:32

PM avoiding another Speaker captain's pick0:39

Man charged over echidna abduction0:54

Woman's face slashed in Sydney robbery0:21

Report puts penalty rates in the firing line2:06

Fugitive groom caught in Melbourne1:09

Joe Ward's epic 250km record run0:27

Adelaide's Lunchtime Newsbyte - 4th August0:50

Police hold a press conference on the Wynarka 'child in a suitcase' murder3:25

Wait for the EPL is over1:43

TODAY'S HEADLINES: Tuesday 4th August2:14

R4 Melbourne United vs. Illawarra Hawks3:06

R4 Adelaide 36ers vs. New Zealand Breakers3:16

R3 Illawarra Hawks vs. New Zealand Breakers3:12

R3 Adelaide 36ers vs. Illawarra Hawks2:58

R3 Townsville Crocodiles vs. Melbourne United3:06

R3 New Zealand Breakers vs. Cairns Taipans3:05

R3 Perth Wildcats vs. Sydney Kings3:03

R2 Perth Wildcats vs. Illawarra Hawks3:20

R2 Sydney Kings vs. Townsville Crocodiles2:54

R2 New Zealand Breakers vs. Adelaide 36ers3:15

R2 Melbourne United vs. New Zealand Breakers2:54

R2 Cairns Taipans vs. Melbourne United3:10

R2 Illawarra Hawks vs. Cairns Taipans3:11

R1 Illawarra v Townsville3:06

R1 Townsville v Adelaide3:38

The Chopping Block with Matt Russell6:19

Robbie Maddison: "It's been bittersweet"1:19

Broncos are looking to bounce back from their huge loss to Manly1:00

TODAY'S HEADLINES: Tuesday 4th August2:14

Who Do You Think You Are? - Series 7 Promo0:43

Last Cab To Darwin - Trailer2:18

Amy Schumer Teams Up With Senator Cousin for Gun Control1:06

Kourtney Kardashian Rocks Chic Summer Outfit with Kids in LA0:54

Ruby Rose Shows Off Her Tattooed Bikini Body On A Yacht in Ibiza0:49

Rebel Wilson Reportedly Planning Las Vegas Wedding0:46

Pooch Hall Talks Ray Donovan Season 3 And Working With Angelina Jolie's Father Jon Voight2:57

"UnReal" Stars Josh Kelly & Breeda Wool Play Chubby Bunny & Dish on The Season Finale | The Lowdown6:33

Drew Barrymore Says She Won't Make Many Movies Because of Her Children1:11

Khloe Kardashian Reveals How Much Weight She Lost & Workout Fashion Line1:19

?Cosby Show' Producer Defends the TV Show: I Hope People Continue to Watch1:12

Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner are TWINS in Side by Side Photos1:16

Chelsea Handler Shuts Down an Ex Who Called Her Fat1:07

Eminem Reveals How He Lost Weight After Ballooning to 230 Pounds1:23

Bindi Irwin Says She Will ?Never Move On? from Her Father, Steve Irwin?s, Death1:23

Sofia Vergara Says She Would Win in a Beauty War Against Kim Kardashian1:09

Demi Lovato Reveals Drug Addiction Caused Breakups and Miley Cyrus Jealousy1:06

The Ghostbusters Cast Get Sexist Comments after A Children's Hospital Visit1:17

The Annual World Hen Racing Championships0:52

The RBA changes its currency tune2:49

RBA leaves rates on hold1:16

CommSec: Mid-Session 4 Aug 151:56

Shareholders hard on Suncorp1:41

Greek stocks take historic beating0:27

A Tale of Two Women: Disparity in Microloan Repayment4:51

Sell Linn Energy, Buy LG Display5:01

Hospitals Face Large Penalties for Blood Clots4:13

Coping With Mental-Health Issues in the Work Place5:36

Does devaluing the dollar still pay off?6:12

Don't panic, $1m in super not essential6:40

CLEARANCE RATE: Housing market hits $6 trillion5:25

Australia's eye-popping housing market hits $6 trillion2:36

Melbourne leads Australian property prices higher5:30

Will closing a GST loophole cost more than it saves?1:52

Barron's Buzz: Life After Prison5:02

The Turf War Over Music Festivals3:56

Three Things We Learned About the Economy This Week4:51

Summer's Cocktail Escapes2:20

The big gouge5:52

Landcruiser sinks crossing Territory river 1:24

TODAY'S HEADLINES: Monday 3rd August2:31

Man walks for first time in 11 years1:56

Is the backlash towards Gisele Bundchen justified?3:05

CLEARANCE RATE: Housing market hits $6 trillion5:25

Bron Voyage: End of the free ride7:39

Volvo's XC90 comes to Australia1:44

See Byron Bay from the Skies3:08

Michael Klim calls on people to join the Legendairy Swim0:35

New Cadillac Turns a Ride Into a Video Game1:46

Loving and Loathing Lucite Crafts2:40

Test-Driving the 2016 Cadillac CTS-V Sedan 5:00

House of the Day: Luxury Homes in Australia1:38

Things women need to know about money3:04

How to avoid ATM fees1:29

How to manage your bills2:10

How to Make Eggs Benedict5:53

Trent Barrett's palatial home on market2:00

Redefining Chilean Cuisine1:45

How to Get Hotel-Quality Sleep at Home2:00

Rhossili Bay, Wales2:01

Virgin Australia plane turned around for broken windscreen0:23

Virgin Plane forced to turn around due to cracked windscreen0:23

Six Best-Rated Hotels In The World2:23

Exploring Antarctica1:03

TODAY'S HEADLINES: Wednesday 22nd July2:30

Follow Five Rules When Booking a Flight1:26

Tastemakers Identify Favorite 'Bucket List' Destinations1:48

Scuba diving with cute cuttlefish1:00

Five Family-Friendly Travel Destinations1:26

Speed meets the salt at Australian Speed Week on Lake Gairdner4:04

Scuba diving with cuttlefish2:12

TODAY'S HEADLINES: Thursday 16th July2:17

Airports Utilize Technology to Improve Passenger Traffic3:37

Our Country is waiting for you - Full Length3:20

TODAY'S HEADLINES: Monday 13th July2:20

Stranded in Bali - Oh no!0:29

Snow blankets Perisher1:05

On The List Melbourne - July 2:08

TODAY'S HEADLINES: Thursday 9th July2:25

Rare Replay - Trailer1:39

Submerged - Trailer1:36

Angry Birds 2 - Trailer1:26

King's Quest- A Knight to Remember Chapter 1 - Trailer1:47

Unidentified Flying Object seen roaring past a Virgin Airlines jet0:27

Oppo R7 review2:32

Man walks for first time in 11 years1:56

NASA Confirms Closest Super-Earth Ever1:58

Tech For a 'Smart Enough' Home1:22

Windows 10 entices millions in first day0:27

$180 Phone Perfect for Clumsy Cheapskates? Moto G1:22

14 million Windows 10 installs in 24 hours0:45

Can the Airbnb Model Work in China?3:57

Facebook unveils drone with internet laser3:35

Google Quietly Distributes New Version of Glass1:06

How Payment Processing Networks Need to Change2:14

Three Things to Know About Asia's Tech Scene1:46

J.P. Morgan's Jing Ulrich: Mobile, Internet ?Alive and Well? in China3:09

How Myanmar Adapted to a Smartphone World4:22

Three Sectors Sequoia?s Neil Shen Is Putting Money On3:18

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